How much did I spend in Malaysia? $15 a day

How much did I spend in Malaysia? $15 a day

I’m a bit surprised that I didn’t spend so much as I initially expected while I was traveling in Malaysia.. I even traveled to different places (Kuala Lumpur, Klang, Melaka, and Cheras) and ate different foods.. Yet I came home with extra Malaysian bills in my wallet ^_^



Relatively speaking, it is not really expensive when you travel around Malaysia, I just found out some strategies and I’m sharing this with you too.. Hopefully you can get something out of it. Feel free to copy or produce an even better version ;D

That way, we can help more people to travel. At the time of writing, here are the conversion rates:

1 USD = 3.24 MYR

1 MYR = 13.68 PHP


Here are list of important prices to note:


You don’t need to eat in fancy restaurants coz the food at stalls are equally delicious. You can eat buffet style with only 5 – 6 MYR, or less! So you see, the food priced at 10 MYR in the airport was very expensive already ;D

Malaysia has a variety of foods, and it is my first time to see blue and black rice.. and Teh Tarik which means stretched tea!

malaysian food

There are many budget eateries, you just have to find them.. sometimes they are near a school coz they cater to students. But if you are in China town in Kuala Lumpur, look for this place:

where to eat buffet food in kuala lumpur


Or if you are in Melaka, find this wee eatery.. looks rather simple, but its a hidden gem.. only opens in the morning-lunch time though.

eatery in Melaka


Transportation via Bus is not that expensive too! A 1 hour bus costs 3 MYR only.. and not only that, Malaysia provides FREE bus rides in KL too!

10 MYR – Bus from KLCC to China Town

10 MYR – Bus from Kuala Lumpur to Melaka

3 MYR – Bus from KL to Klang

GoKL Bus – FREE (and it has FREE WIFI too! I can work while going around ;D)



Accomodation in the city center is quite expensive but dorms farther out of KL are good enough to rest your head, plus you get to meet fellow backpackers too, I mostly see Chinese, Japanese, and Korean students and the regular travelers from the west.. Some dorms dont have aircon because they cater to Western backpackers who prefer hot climate… too bad for us who grew up in tropical climate ;D.. but you can always opt to stay in places with aircons, it will be a bit expensive though.

Dorm beds range from 15 MYR – 30 MYR

Single Rooms range from 30-60 MYR

Couchsurfing – FREE.. and sometimes you get lucky that you don’t only get a free couch, but a room of your own, complimentary swimming pool and books to read too ;).. This one is courtesy of



And you ask how much did I spend when I was traveling around Malaysia for 15 days? I only spent an estimate of 10203.02 PHP / 745.83 MYR / 230 USD

Not bad huh? ^_^

Now, please take note that I rarely shopped or did activities because I have done some activities during my 1st trip in Malaysia 2 years ago already.. I just chill out, eat food, read books, meet people including a model from Estonia, CS Ambassadors from Iran and USA, and Pinoys whose life drama made me cry..

Anyway, you have to allot additional costs if you plan to do more activities when you visit Malaysia.

Here are a few interesting sights along the way, hope you visit them too..

melaka sights

And thank you to the people who gave me such great information.. Uncle Eric our host, Sofia from Uruguay, Mandy from US, Amy and Daniel from Malaysia, Masoud from Iran, Pinoys who told me where the best buffet food in China town is; and Kendra and Eugene my hosts in Klang..

May our paths cross again someday ^_^


people i met in malaysia


The countries I have visited has been very good to me, there are some annoyances but it really doesn’t matter… I think its a sign… to explore more countries! :)) But first, let me look for more travel funds ;D

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