Travel and Daily living expenses in Nepal

I’m happy to announce that I have traveled to 4 locations (Kathmandu, Bakhtapur, Hetauda, Pokhara) , hired private tour guide, ate all kinds of dishes, met different nationalities, donated part of my funds to feed 7 kids special dishes.. but the best news of all is that I have traveled with only a total budget of the following:

Daily Expenses: $186.25 or 18625 Nepali Rupees
Visa: $100 or 10000 Nepali Rupees
Total:$286.25 or $9.8/day

Crazy right? I know people spending ridiculous amounts to get to this beautiful country.. sorry if you felt ripped off after reading this… Actually some can belt down a budget as low as $5/day so I’m not that hardcore..;D

himalayas is beautiful

So how was I able to manage traveling by this budget? Here are some points.. But if you have the budget to splurge, then I recommend not reading this (come on! help the economy of the country by spending your money here)

1. Low cost of living in Hetauda. We buy organic food from the market stalls and the people at the place I’m staying with cooks great food all the time.. If I don’t choose to buy specialty food so the kids can taste international dishes like Adobo, Sopas and Spaghetti, I would have spend much less… and I occasionally buy snickers and eat outside coz I miss eating in restaurants once in a while..

2. Barter trade of services. I offered the guest house I’m staying in to promote their social media and create their website in exchange of discounted stay (once I get a fast internet though).. After I left, the hotel went from top 15 to top 10 of Trip Advisor. I sure played a wee role in the performance of the guest house but nevertheless, woo hoo!

3. Couchsurfing.. I had a lovely stay in Bhaktapur and the host Amanda is a very lovely lady.. the hospitaly I received was compensated with a few tech and cooking exchanges… I do hope they liked the chopsuey I made.. and yep, that’s my “couch” <3

couch surfing in bakthapur

4. Research. I found out that hotel reservation online was expensive and its better to just go here personally to ask around for a good deal.. I think this process is great coz they cater to local and foreign travelers that are not so rich too (like me)

Here are important expenses to take note when traveling to Nepal:

Visa: $100 for a 3 month visa
Mid range hotels and guest houses: $5 – 10/day
Snickers: 30 Nepali Rp
Jacket: 1000 – 2500 Nepali Rp
Cellphone sim card: 200 Nepali Rp
Grapes: 200 Nepali Rp/kilo
Daily food order: 100-200 Nepali Rp
Milk Tea: 25-35 Nepali Rp
Bus Travel expenses: ~400-600 Nepali Rp

So that’s it.. I always tell people travel need not always be expensive.

Hope more people get the chance to travel to Nepal too! <3 **more images will be added once I get a faster internet XD

2 thoughts on “Travel and Daily living expenses in Nepal

  1. So glad you are having a great time exploring Nepal.

    I’m working on a project I hope you can help me with. I am helping lower income Western women come to Nepal and live here for a winter on less money than they could back home.

    But don’t just work for a reduced room rent, work for free room and meals. They should do that and many will do that. At the very least they should give you a free room and 1/2 price meals.

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