My Favorite Restaurants in Pokhara, Nepal

These are restaurants in Pokhara where I personally have eaten.. they are not sponsored nor was I bribed to promote these restaurants.. ^_^ I’ve been spending quite some time in Pokhara already and while others have gone trekking, I’m window shopping ;D.. and eating in different restaurants and drinking milk teas in different cafes. Here’s a list of my favorite discoveries:

1. Hungry Feel– This restaurant located in far north of lake side has a local ambiance. It has cheap but delicious food, and occasionally has international staff. Plus great wifi and inverter too! They wouldn’t mind if I stay 3-4 hours geeking while sipping my milk tea… and they don’t even charge me for the electricity! Just my conscience bugging me to at least buy milk tea while I’m using their resources.. I give this restaurant a great kudos.. please visit them for a good karma.. the place don’t look posh but hopefully if there will be lots of customers, they will have funds to improve the restaurant.

Feel Hungry, Pokhara

2. Third eye. Also located in the north of lake side. I love their Neptali breakfast. I even order Neptali breakfast even for dinner. And they have a good view of the lake for those who want to have a sort of romatic view. You can charge your laptop and WIFI so this is added to my star list of restaurants. Price is not that expensive as compare to other posh restaurant even if the view looks posh really.. except for occasional flies. Good thing, when a fly landed on my milk tea, they replaced it for free. Well done ^_^

3. Neptalia. A bit expensive and one time, the chowmein is a bit salty.. but the eggs benedict is an eye candy.. I want to just take picture of it..

Neptalia, Pokhara

The reason why I chose to eat in this restaurant despite its posh prices is that I can charge my laptop even without electricity and wifi is fast… and yeah the eggs benedict is like a work of art. Staff are cute which is an added nice view.

4. Sunset View. This is just below my hotel.. A bit expensive which sometimes way above my budget.. I know I’m a budget traveler localted in a posh hotel and restaurant, but maybe I’m just lucky I get to stay in posh places without ruining my budget :P

Wifi is not good and if there is no electricity, you cant charge too.. so its good if you just want to drink your chai and reflect on life.. while in a beautiful cozy restaurant.

sunset view restaurant

5. Small store in the street... I don’t know how to read in Nepali yet but you should see this small small store on the East near the crossing opposite S-Mart in Lake Side. If you have a strong tummy like me, I recommend checking this restaurant. They have one of the cheapest places I can get rice and veg curry and milk tea for 100 Nepali Rupee.. and some local people are eating there too. No wifi or electric charger though.. its just on top of my head because local restaurants should be promoted too.. even if they are in front of a dusty road with flies around.. not for the faint hearted! I didn’t get sick after eating there just so you know.

Nepali Indian Restaurant in Pokhara

6. Asian Tea House – I learned about this eatery from a fellow couchsurfer Noah Rosen. The place is small, but the servings are HUGE! My place was in the north side of lakeside so I rarely went to the south side of town.. and even if I do, its a wee place inside a small alley so you wont be able to see it immediately.. But once you discover it, your tummy will be very happy ^_^

Check out the review of Asian Tea House on Tripadvisor


So these are the restaurants where I fill in my daily food intake.. Most of them are located in the North of Lake side.. feel free to check them out. There are still coffee shops to explore, that will be another post. ^_^

2 thoughts on “My Favorite Restaurants in Pokhara, Nepal

  1. Just want to say if it was a make writing this and he said the view was nice because of cute staff he was be ridiculed for being sexist and objectifying women.
    Oh and the bit about still feeling like you should promote local restaurants despite the umm surroundings you so nicely put. You definitely could leave that last part out. You come off as a bit privileged haha

    1. Actually, I feel privilege to have friends from all classes of society.. ^_^ those are the intangible richness that I have. But I’m still staying grounded. I didn’t realize the implications of my words for a feminist male, i think it should be a flattery though ^_^

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