An introduction to Fiji

This is written by Khun Ja (and edited by me). This lovely lady is a senior colleague of mine when I was a volunteer to a regional NGO in Chiang Mai.. staffs at different NGOs travel regularly to far away destinations.. makes me wanna go back to working for the poor, underprivileged and underrepresented ;D

Ok, enough jealous comments. Khun Ja gave me a very big discount when I stayed in her resort in Chiang Mai and I am grateful that she became my foster mother for a few months. If you go to Chiang Mai and want to have a venue for your retreat activities, feel free to let me know so I can introduce you to her.

She has been to several countries and recently went to Fiji.. here’s her impressions of the country:

Fiji is the island in pacific ocean near Australia and New Zealand. The country is close to Solomon, Tonga, Vanuatu, Papua New guinea, Cook islands, and French Polynesia. A cheap trip to Fiji can be planned via Hongkong by Fiji Airways. If you book in advance you can get around usd 1000. You can connect to Fiji via Australia or New Zealand. Many nationalities do not need visa.

Upon arrival in Fiji at Nadi Airport, most hotel provide airport pick up. Taxi is also available on the exit.
You should bargain the price before getting on a taxi. Prices will be more expensive if you get a taxi commissioned by the hotel. Do walk a bit to the main road and take the taxi normally will go by meter. The fare from airport is around fjd 30, but from Nadi town is low to fjd 10.

The main business area in Nadi are in Nadi Town and at Port Denarau. Most of hotel is in Port Denarau and near the airport.

If you stay in Denarau Island, there is the shuttle bus service around the resort hotel. You can hop on and off during the day. The fare is fjd 8.

Most islands are accessible by a cruise.
The south sea cruise is the largest cruise and have many wide range of service and activities.
The activity is also wide range and budget you have.
To hop from island to island, snorkeling at one island you select cost around usd 100 include lunch but not b-b-q.
The cook voyager is another cruise provider. The helicopter is used to survey islands and costs usd 300 per person.
There are also individual island tour provided to spend time on one island for the wholeday or overnight stay with lodging.




Seafood can be found in Fiji and the good ones are eaten at restaurants. McDonalds restaurant is halal guaranteed here but only one in Nadi. Indian food and local Fijian and Chinese food can be found in the city. Fish is more served than other seafood. The average price is around FJD 10-15 each

Where to stay
There are lots of hotel available in Nadi. You can choose from the following:
Underwater hotel
Water Bure in the lagoon
4-5star resort on the island
Businees hotel
Overnight hotel
Hotel on Ship
Cottage on the beach

Impression about Fiji
People are friendly, and English is widely spoken. Buka and vinika is hello and thank you in local language.
The island still green and people have their own compound. Mountain wildlife exist to attract tourist to visit. and welcomes contributions about far flung places, exotic food, and ways of an alternative and self sustainable life. Email me at grasya (at) grasya dot com for details ^_^

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