A visit to the birthplace of Buddha: Lumbini, Nepal

Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha has a 30 degree tropical weather. Hello familiar feeling.

Internet and electricity is crap though, so you are forced to enjoy the present moment. Surrounded by sleepy villages, not much to see except stupa and pagodas.. lots of pilgrims by the way. Buddhists and curious travelers (like me) meditate, take pictures, offer prayers and money to the site where Buddha was born.. There’s 200 Rp entrace if you want to get inside the nativity place… I wonder what its like to visit the birthplace of Jesus, or Allah then..

birthplace of Buddha

Lumbini is a very peaceful place indeed.. although I’m not sure if your peace will be disturbed if you walk around the neighbourhood to see mudhouses and poor condition of living. Remember Buddha was born rich yet when he went out of his palace, he was disturbed by the poor conditions of his surroundings? Well, there are still people living like that near his palace..

Lumbini, Nepal

Anyway, if you choose to see the beautiful side, there are different kinds of bird species in the area that you cant usually see from crowded cities.

Most of all, prices of food is relatively cheaper in Lumbini than in Pokhara.. stuff yourself there if your next stop will be Pokhara.

To be fair, guest houses are far better in Pokhara, the guest house where I stayed in Lumbini is not very clean plus WIFI and electricity is intermittent so I’m not gonna promote it even if its only 400 Nepali rps.. I know you get what you pay for but really it can be better coz I got a 5 dollar room in Pokhara and its in a beautiful hotel..

If you feel like it, live in a monastery, amenities will be basic but you can marvel at awesome temple architecture.. I’ve never been, but might go out of curiousity ;D

Lumbini is 7-8 hours away from Kathmandu.. But I went at 7pm and arrived the next morning around 5:30am.. If you go via local non aircon bus in Gongabu Bus station in Kathmandu, you will need to pay 600 Nepali Rupees. Don’t worry about the AC, its cold during night time..

Hope this helps you have a background of what is it like in Lumbini. ^_^

4 thoughts on “A visit to the birthplace of Buddha: Lumbini, Nepal

  1. I’ve read about decent guest houses costing $20 in Lumbini. I think you were lucky.

    I think you have a great idea, to go to all the great people’s birthplaces. I was in Catania, Sicily and stood where the great mathematician, Archimedes was born. That was pretty cool. Maybe next winter I’ll go to Lumbini.

    1. there are high end hotels there that costs around $20, but of course I didnt went there :)).. I grew up in a place where our National Hero was born in the Philippines.. so guess this makes me curious to visit birthplaces of great people too.. but that’s just part of my excuse to travel ^_^

  2. Hi Grasya,

    I’m planning to squeeze in Lumbini in my itinerary. Dp you think arriving at 3PM and leaving at 9AM the next day is worth the effort?

  3. that’s a fast visit.. you can do that, like just go the birthplace, take picture and go.. but I suggest staying there the whole day to reflect on life is better.

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