10 things to buy in Nepal

My time to go home is nearing and after two months, it is a tradition to share the happiness I have received in Nepal to my friends and family back home so hopefully ripple effects of happiness can be achieved even in small material things.
When traveling on a shoestring budget, this is a hard task :D.. but prices of stuff here are not so expensive as compare if you will buy outside of Nepal so there will always stuff to buy if you want to. Although to be honest, I’m still looking around for 10 pesos keychain but cant find it. Oh well. So what to buy in Nepal before you go?

1. Jewelries. It reminds me of being human… I drool at the exquisite jewelries being displayed on the streets specially in Thamel, Kathmandu.. the jewelry stores looks like one of those stalls you see in crowded Divisoria or Baclaran. Yet I’m amazed that people just pass by at the displays like normal… and there’s not even a security guard in sight. Dear Lord, please don’t let burglars read this. Cost: 100 Nepali Rps for small pendants to 100+ dollars for exquisite jewelries

Nepal jewelry


2. Thanka paintings. These very detailed paintings on cotton or silk makes me think there is a code hidden behind these arts somehow… and I’m impressed there are lots of Thanka artists in Nepal, it has become their source of livelihood too.. I wonder if these artists will survive if they transfer to a busy Metropolis. Cost around 10 dollars for small paintings

thanka painting


3. Weird facemasks and decorations. Some of them have religious meaning but some are a bit scary. That is why they are interesting. The scary ones are good gift to an enemy ;D

weird masks in Nepal

4. Dolls. Another interesting stuff in the store shop. This might interest voodoo practicioners LOL! But really they are cute.. Costs 500 – 1500 Nepali Rupees

dolls in Nepal

5. Tshirt. Well, this is a normal stuff to buy in any country that you visit. So you can show to others you have been to this country.. Costs 300-400 Nepali Rupees

6. Pashmina sweatshirts. I also find these stuff in India. I forgot which one is more cheaper. This is a different kind of fabric that is obviously expensive in other countries. So don’t miss to buy it while you’re in Nepal (or India). Costs 2000 Nepali Rupees.

7. Decorated Tablecloth/Bed cloth. If you are into home decoration, and have more money to buy, please don’t miss to buy this. I’m impressed at the bling blings and the patience of the ladies behind these elaborate art.. I do hope they are paid well

table cloth decor

8. Keychain magnets. If you don’t have so much space in your luggage and no more money on your pocket (spell ME), this is a good buy for friends and family. The cheapest ones I found is 30 Rps, but I might find a more priceless one, I’ll keep you posted. Costs 30-100 Nepali Rps, you can find cheap ones in bookstores

9. Tea bags. I have become reaquainted with milk tea and I missed drinking it regularly as I used to when I was in India.. Sorry dear coffee, I’ve chosen the healthier alternative.. break muna tayo. Cost 80 – 120 Nepali Rps

10. Spices. Specially for those who wants to cook. I will make sure to buy these before I go so I can cook Dal Baht Torkari at home.

So those are the stuff you might want to buy when you go visit in Nepal. Did I miss anything else?

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  1. Hi grasya! I dream of going to India and nepal for the textiles and home decor. I imagine the rich throw pillows and sheets I can use in my house. :-)

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