This Grasya is in Nepal

This Grasya is in Nepal

It’s cold. This tropical human being is shivering.

But at last, I’m seeing the Himalayas in the rooftop of the guest house.. I saw it before when I was in Darjeeling, India but it was an inch small only..but now that I’m in Kathmandu, its already around 3 inch from where I’m at.. I’m seeing the top of the world alright

*pats self at back*



It’s taking a while for me to adjust specially now that my comfort Filipino food of skyflakes and pansit canton is slowly going out of supply, but I think I’m gonna be okay with dahl, baht, torkari, roti, and gorum chai.. It was my staple food when I was in Kolkta, India and I eat anything anyway..


So far despite chilly weather, and crowded streets, I take comfort in the thought that I’m being spoiled in the guest house where I’m at.. $8 dollar a day for a big bedroom with 2 beds is of great value :D

I’ll be in Nepal for 2 months.. Initially I will volunteer in a school, then I’ll travel afterwards… of course on a shoestring budget, I’m sticking to $10/day, other people did it, the local people here I’m sure can do it.. so am I.. wish me luck!

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