Life in Hetauda, Nepal

Life in Hetauda, Nepal

I’m here for a couple of days now.. internet and electricity is such a challenge and you know how it goes for online workers who’s internet is lifeblood? Yeah its kinda killing me softly.. but not for long coz I’m transferring to another location with inverter, solar panel, heater so hopefully despite intermittent electricity, life will resume as normal.

But life’s irony is delicious vegan food is making me healthy here.. I think I’m getting fat! And despite that I still am able to donate part of my funds to the children’s home where I’m currently at the moment.

Is this a way of joking me dear God? ^_^ Below are the pictures of lovely kids eating with their hands (spoon and fork is not the norm here) and you’ll see the tablet donated by Smart Communications PayITFwd program is already being tinkered.

what spoon and fork?
kids in nepal

And the weather is a good break from chilly Kathmandu.. it feels like Tagaytay, around 20 degrees  during daytime. Guess since internet and electricity is a challenge, I need to do activities offline too.. I think I’m gonna make a book.

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