Thailand Street Food Part 2

Thailand Street Food Part 2

Travel to Thailand always includes food. And here’s the second part of a list of Thai street foods that my beautiful local friend Khun Nok has given me.. Click here to see the first part.

Now the challenge is how to pronounce some words right, but you can always show the picture so you won’t get lost in translation.




Rice  is cooked with chicken oil in the  rice cooker. The whole chicken is boiled and chopped and put on top of the oily rice.  It is served with chilly soy sauce and clear soup from chicken bone.




It is a noodle soup that is served almost everywhere along the street. You can choose dry or with soup and there are different types of meat in it. At a noodle shop you will see a set of sugar vinegar fish sauce and grind peanut that you can add on to suit your taste. Here’s a picture of me and Kechi and a bowl of kuay tiew.. Kechi was once my roomie in Thailand.. ^_^

me and kechi



Fried noodle with  garlic , egg, meat and Chinese kale. You can choose chicken , pork or seafood. The noodle that is used for Pad -See- iew is rice noodle which is white in color. The noodle will turn darker from sweet soy sauce.

Pad si iew


A kind of noodle with soup but the soup is thick and sticky from potato starch . First, the noodle will be fried with soybean sauce and put on  the plate. The soup is made with vegetable and meat (pork,chicken or seafood) with soybean sauce and potato starch. Put the soup on top of the fried noodle, eat it while hot.

Lad Na


Pad Thai might be popular for tourist more than Thai. It is sold in tourist places as street food like at the walking street or Kawsarn road more than normal street. Pad thai is  type of noodle fried with tamarind sauce sugar and peanut mix with preserved cabbage and tofu and dried shrimp. Some shop has option that you can add fresh shrimp with more price.

Pad Thai

Although, some of the street food is not spicy and hot but if you notice, on the table, there is always a bowl or a jar of fish sauce mix with small green or red chilly. They put some lime in the fish sauce to make it more tasty. So people who want their dish to be more spicy can add fish sauce with chilly in it.


You can eat all street food in a vegetarian way. Just request that no meat will be added and use soybean sauce to replace fish sauce and oyster sauce.



Hope this helps you enjoy the street food in Thailand. For those who are not yet ready to travel out on their own, if you want to have a tour in Chiang Mai, drop me a line at grasya (at) grasya dot com. I can refer you to friends whom I’ve known for a long time.. ^_^ Happy eating!

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