Saving Elephants, Saving Grace

Saving Elephants, Saving Grace

My first close encounter with an elephant was… in the zoo.. I grew up in South East Asia, in the Philippines in particular, but there are no wild elephants in our forest, there were wild snakes though.. although I think they are also beginning to be extinct as human population are growing and numerous houses are being built in our community..

But we’re not saving snakes here… there goes my focus flying in again.

We’re saving the Elephants.


elephant in Jaipur, India
geesh I look like a nerd here.


When i went to India last 2008 to be a volunteer to a children’s organization, one of the nicest experience I had was to ride an elephant while on vacation at Jaipur.. never did I knew riding them is supposed to be discouraged.. well its not yet too late to raise awareness about how to treat elephants right.

Then I was stationed in Chiang Mai, Thailand.. Imagine my amazement one evening along Chiang Mai streets, a small elephant was being paraded by a group of kids. i look forward to see that elephant every evening.

Elephant in Chiang Mai
I wonder why tears seems to fall on the Elephant’s eyes

Since I lived in Chiang Mai for more than a year, there was a time when we went to an elephant show.. the elephant danced, perform tricks, even painted in front of us.. the audience were happy.. but do you know how these elephants were tortured just to perform these tricks and make humans happy? Detailed story of the Elephant show here.

Elephant ride in Chiang Mai

Fast forward to my last visit in Chiang Mai just a couple of months ago. I didn’t stayed in my original apartment so not sure if the elephant was still roaming there every evening. So I wasn’t able to see live elephants, instead, I found this posh displays..



very posh indeed..

It was for another elephant organization that raises awareness of these nearly extinct animals. Guess lots of organizations and individuals are helping out to raise awareness of the proper treatment of animals.. there are still lots to do to improve the earth and many people seems to be doing their part.. guess the world is getting kinder..

And to reinforce people to do good things, a group of travel bloggers have decided to help Save the Elephant Foundation.. and there are prices to be won for those who donate!

If you head to Travel Blogging Calendar and give some donations, you’ll get the chance to win a trip to Thailand valued at $3,300! That includes a $2000 flight voucher from Flight Network and a $1,300, week long eco-friendly tour from Ian at Where Sidewalks End.

Ain’t that grand?

And because its a calendar we’re not sending you a physical calendar but we’re emailing stories available only to donors. The contributing bloggers has put together a short article about an interesting holidays that’s taking place somewhere in the world. Accompanying this entry is a gorgeous travel shot from some exotic location – Isnt it amaziIiing?

Ok, for those who cannot afford, I totally understand. You can always share this article to your friends so who knows what good vibes can ripple out there..

There you go.. I’m off preparing to go to another beautiful place not just to see things but to contibute in my own wee way on how to make the place more beautiful… that’s my way of saving grace. ^_^


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