Life is like a flowing electricity

Life is like a flowing electricity

A few weeks ago, I remembered being stuck somewhere in the forest of Antique praying hard so Mother Nature will not blow our rooftop away.. There was no electricity after that and I have to ride rickety jeeps full of people squeezing for space for an hour just to go to the Mall so I can access the internet and work.. and ride the rickety jeep again to go back to the forest to spend candle light dinners with Aunt and niece.. Electricity was back after a few days.

Then I went to Iloilo and saw that life goes on in the city.. as well as in Cebu..

However, I chickened out to go to Leyte because the horror I’m seeing on my facebook wall is enough for me to be traumatized. This wee little thin lady is not that strong.


I decided to head to Bohol and visit cousins and friends and see if the typhoon and earthquake hit them hard.. life seems to go on even if there was no electricity.. De Ja Vu.

I was telling my extended family to just chill out.. I grew up without electricity, so don’t be OA, this is nothing new.. And with numerous mishaps under my belt, I rest assured to them I’m an expert in disasters.. disasters, yeah.. managing disasters errr hmmm..

I decided to head back to Cebu. :(
I couldn’t work online with very limited electricity.. so all I could do is read books like the diary of a wimpy kid and archie comics..


As of the moment, electricity is back in Antique and Bohol. But still, imagine there will be no electricity bills to pay if life goes on like this?

I guess its high time to install solar panels so we don’t have to be depended on electricity from outside sources.. now let me research on where to find one…


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