Thailand street food part 1

Thailand street food part 1

This is contributed by Julie Navarat, a Thai friend who loves to bake and knit. ^_^ Read on so you know what to order next time you are in Thailand.

In Thailand, people eat street food regularly whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Each type of street food can be made using different kinds of meat. You can choose beef , chicken, pork, sea food or mixed varieties. Mostly beef and seafood are used less because they are more expensive than other.

Thailand street food regularly costs around 30-50 baht. The price doubles or triples when you order it in a hotel or a proper restaurant.

You can find some street food list below:



It is a popular spicy street food for local Thai people.
Pork, chicken or seafood is stirred with chilly and sauce with little soup then put basil leave in and put on top of plain rice. It’s good to eat with fried egg on another side of the dish.




This Thai style fried rice is not spicy. While cooking in oil, stir garlic follow with pork or any meat that customer choose then put plain rice in, put egg and vegetable cook them well then serve with freshg spring onion and cucumber on side of the dish.
You can order a fried egg add on top as well.



Moo kra-tiem , Kai Kra-tiem

Just fried pork or chicken with garlic and oyster sauce plus soybean sauce then put it on top of plain rice.
If you choose pork it is moo kratiem if you choose chicken that is kraikatiem.
We eat Kaw Moo Kratiem or Kai Kratiem with coriander on top and cucumber on side dish you can add on fried egg or omelet on side too. Some shop might serve you with small cup of clear soup.



Kai-jiew moo-sab

This is simple and might be the easiest dish.
Mix little mince pork,soybean sauce and oyster sauce well with 2 eggs. Some vendors might put some vegetable such as onion, spring onion or tomato as well.
Fried it in hot oil and put on top of plain rice and side dish with cucumber and tomatoes.







It is soft and smooth. The pork legs that were cooked in the slow cooking way for many hours. Mainly are pork leg boil in soybean sauce with other ingredients like coriander root, garlic, palm sugar .



Now the challenge is how to pronounce these foods right. If in doubt, just show them the picture ;) Happy eating!

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