Win a 50$ pocket money if you are going to Asian Women’s Empowerment Conference in Malaysia

Win a 50$ pocket money if you are going to Asian Women’s Empowerment Conference in Malaysia

I’m South East Asian and have once worked with ladies representing countries around Asia and the Pacific.

To be honest, I wasn’t able to feel the need to be empowered as a woman.. maybe because I’m from the Philippines and females are almost equal to males in terms of almost everything.. except maybe in population ratio, that there are more females than males in this country :D.. feel free to correct me though.

But I realized what I’m experiencing does not necessarily represent every woman in the region. It is hard to explain, a person must be able to travel in a country where women are under represented to feel the difference.

So I highly encourage women in the Asian region to attend the Conference:

 And who knows, you might win pocket money of 50$ just to attend the workshop. No it’s not a bribe :P I’m just really supporting the workshop and encouraging people to attend.

How to win the 50$ pocket money? Just follow the simple instructions below and wish upon a star ;)

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3. Comment below on why you want to win the 50$ pocket money
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Commenting on this blog is mandatory. Winner will be announced on Nov 8th, 2013. If you win and dont claim the prize after 2 days, then it will be forfeited and will be added to the next contest entry at

WINNER: Hey Sabby Swift, you got the prize! Contact me til Nov 11 to claim the prize, congratulations!

Cheers and goodluck! ^_^


2 thoughts on “Win a 50$ pocket money if you are going to Asian Women’s Empowerment Conference in Malaysia

  1. The reason why I should win this $50.00: I don’t know what others may have responded to this question. I bet some may have said something wonderful like, “help me pay for my trip”, “give money to someone less fortunate”, etc something good.

    I care about those things too but I like food as well. Food is essential to a culture. I once said that if people won’t remember me for luxury cars or clothing; I hope they remember as the person who have eaten great food throughout her lifetime. I would like to spend this money on food. “Don’t waste money on food when you can spend money on something that last longer!” some might say. However, I studied Law Enforcement in school but is now working in the food/retail industry and I am amazed at how detailed and precise the chefs are. They can taste every little flavor in their dish and I am just learning. I think a person without taste buds can be a very sad person.


    I will be traveling from California, USA. I think my mom is worried that I won’t get fed.

  2. Hey! Sabrina here, also known as Sabby Swift on my Facebook. I decided only about a week ago to throw all other plans out of the window and come to this conference. As a starting point to follow my dreams of becoming a freelance / travel writer.
    I am Malaysian, but I will be flying 2.5 hours from my city of Kota Kinabalu to attend this conference (which is a big thing!). I’m going to be selfish and say that I want to win the $50 so I can have a great time in KL with thrift-shopping or buying some really gorgeous/wacky stuff that we don’t have back home ;-)
    So yes…I wish I wish!!

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