Where to stay and what to do in Phonsavan, Laos

Where to stay and what to do in Phonsavan, Laos

I never had any idea I was close to the most secret place on earth… and I arrived on a friday the 13th!

I just came just to see the plain of jars, take a picture, then go home.. But as things unfolded, the heavens planned to scare me too!

Aside from scaring myself, there are actually stuff I did in Phonsavan.. and yeah i told you, I went to see the Plain of Jars :D

The tour costs was actually higher than a bus ride from Phonsavan to Vientiane.. It was low season, and because I was shy to approach other people to split the fee, I paid 250 000.00 kip, that’s around 25-30 dollars to see a bunch of jars xD… but I think it was worth it, coz it’s not just any other jars.. it’s THE plain of jars xD… read the history behind it.

Oh yeah, you can lower the cost if you just rent a motorbike instead.. but since I dont know how to drive one and I dont want to get lost and discover a bomb waiting to explode, of course I asked for a tour guide.

Speaking of history, Laos was one of the most heavily bombed countries on earth.. so you can also see bomb craters around the area.. However, that was the past.. locals found a way to deal with their past by establishing a coffee shop, and displayed the bombs as decoration. Isnt it welcoming? ^_^

Where to stay in Phonsavan:

My budget costing was compensated when I stayed in Lao Falang… It was the cheapest guest house option that I found in the internet while I was browsing on where to stay in Phonsavan, Laos. Well if I chose to be really frugal, the most cheapest alternative is to couchsurf and cook for my hosts in return.. but I also want to spend travel money to contribute to the economy of the country..


The beds are just simple but I particularly love the hot shower and wifi is impressive.. A strong wifi in a very rural area is what makes me really happy. Check them out:

Lao Falang Dormitory
Contact numbers +856 20285 858 58
Cost: 25 000 kip / night


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