This Grasya is in Laos

This Grasya is in Laos

Last 2 years ago, I spent 2 hours in Laos when I visited the Golden Triangle while in Thailand.. yes 2 hours only.

The 2 hour visit was very interesting though.. coz I get to see exotic wines.. like turtle wine, snake wine, etc.. But now I’ve stayed longer than the usual visa run to get a feel of the country.

Vientiane, the capital, is really laid back, even if its already a city.. which I actually like.. lesser people, lesser pollution, lesser problem.

Although its quiet, you will sometimes feel uneasy.. do you know that Laos is one of the most heavily bombed countries? To those planning on harakiri, just go off the beaten path here where no one has ever set foot yet and you just might get lucky to step on a bomb. Of course I’m kidding.

Anyway, it is peaceful where I am at.. Sorry to disappoint you.. Here’s what I’ve been doing at the moment:

1. Food trip. The food is really very similar to Thailand.. Specially the noodles and the spicy food.

2. Sight seeing. Its good that I met some folks who have a vehicle here, I get to see some sights in the city that will be difficult for me if I just go alone. Never really get to see the whole of Laos.. But I have visited a farm and school in a far flung area where few foreigners have been including this German nun who runs that place.. I saw some weird bugs and plants that I haven’t seen in the Philippines though.. I guess that is what you call sight seeing. I also saw these interesting stuff while going around the city.. do you know what these are?

3. Volunteer in a school and farm. Of course I didnt just go around. I contributed to the society of this country in my own little way.. The teens in this area has so much potential and so eager to learn.. the place has a lot of improving to do.. I just wish another volunteer will stay longer here and develop the area into a global school with an eco tourist farm. Volunteers anyone?

4. Check out some coffee shops. Oh yeah, those temporary offices makes me temporarily happy.. until I want to go to a new coffee shop again.

5. Trying out strict veganism. I survived 5 days with no meat and eating only certain veggies without garlic, onions, eggs, chocolate and almost no coffee! *pats self at back*

Details on future stories..

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