Contest to win 2 complimentary tickets to a New York Food Tour

Contest to win 2 complimentary tickets to a New York Food Tour

Photo credit: Ahoy New York Food Tours

These are the days I seriously asked myself why I’m born in the other side of the planet..  because most of my sponsors are waaAaay far from where I am.. Seriously, I’m in a faAaar far away land in the east.. and I’m being invited to a food tour in New York. But, yeah, I verified and double verified and they say they are not spam. :D

On the other hand, I’m grateful. Thank you for letting me be who I am.. and thank you for inviting me to these sponsored tours even if it will take a very looOooong time for me to reach that other side of the world.

But even if I cant go at the moment, it doesn’t deter me from sharing the blessings. So friends, if you or your friends are going to New York anytime soon, take advantage of this free food tour courtesy of Ahoy New York Food Tours.

For less than 15 minutes, all you have to do is join the contest below. I’ll be announcing the winners on Sept 15, 2013. I know, that’s freaking easy right!? ^_^ Please do not forget to leave your comment in this blog post so you can get more chances to win.

Goodluck and may more blessings pour in for both of us xxo


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18 thoughts on “Contest to win 2 complimentary tickets to a New York Food Tour

  1. I would like to give this as a gift to my dearest friends in New York, New Jersey, if that is possible. Also, I would like to introduce these friends to this travel blog. Well done, Grace.

  2. Hi!

    I live in New York and the best thing about the city is all the great food here! I’d love to go on a fantastic food tour to open my eyes to see all the great things this city has.


  3. I would give this gift to my kind and generous friend, Emily. She’s the one who took me in when I first moved to NYC and taught me how to fully fall in love with the city…one bite at a time! :D

  4. Stumbled upon this blog on and I LOVE IT! I live in New York now and always love trying out new foods! But since I am a student all my food money is wasted on getting an education and textbooks and other various school supplies ;) I would love to win so I can try more of the delicious food this beautiful city has to offer.

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