What to eat in Vietnam

What to eat in Vietnam

A couple of years ago, 2004-2005 to be exact, I lived in a house with other young people from different countries for a cross cultural immersion program.. and we get to cook food that represents our country. I can’t really say if they look forward to my cooking though xD.. coz I was the worst cook at that time! But I always look forward to the dishes prepared by my Vietnamese sisters..

That’s one of the reasons why I went back for a visit to their country… to eat their food again :D

Anyway, if you go to Vietnam.. I recommend you try out these kinds of dishes. You can choose where to eat them, whether on street stalls (but make sure you have hepa shots) or posh restaurants.. or better if you have a local person invite you in their house so you can have that authentic delicious food.

1. Fresh Spring Roll

2. Fried Spring Roll

3. Gỏi bồn bồn

4. it does looks like Phở but it is called Bún bò

5. Bánh Khọt

There are exotic dishes that you can try too! As I’ve said before, I tried the octopus and then rat and decided not to eat other exotic dishes in Vietnam after xD.. The octopus tastes like squid though:

And while I wander around district one in ho chi minh city.. I caught some interesting sight.. wonder what this is… do you know?

I’m not endorsing any restaurants nor doing a sales pitch here. I just want to share the happiness and hope you get to enjoy Vietnam like I did.

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