What to do in Mui Ne, Vietnam

What to do in Mui Ne, Vietnam

It was my first time to set foot on red sand dunes.. and I said to myself, who needs to be in the Middle East to see vast sand when I can just go to Mui Ne? ;) And since there is nothing like red colored sand dunes in the Philippines.. I was mesmerized, awestruck, delighted *insert more synonyms here*

I really recommend people to go to Mui Ne in Vietnam, and yeah, im not paid to say this :P

And while prices are still affordable in that part of the world, please grab the opportunity to go.. coz you know, inflation and development makes all things go pricey… and while its still not like Boracay, please visit the place.

The place is still raw, culture is still in tact, people are not yet that greedy about money (or maybe i just got lucky).. I think I know where to go if I want to have another looong vacation. Here are more things to do in Mui Ne, Vietnam:

1. Visit the Red and White Sand Dunes. This was the highlight of my trip.. it was the main reason why I went to Mui Ne.. and when I saw… I was like, all I need is to see snow.. and then I can go to heaven now :P..
Costs? 8 dollar or around 300 pesos only for the whole trip. Awesome yeah?

The white sand dunes..

The red sand dunes..


plus this flower makes very good memories.



2. Sand boarding. I did tried a bit… though sliding in the dunes is fun, but i feel like its for kids.. am I getting old?? Be careful on choosing where to rent your sand board though, I heard of kids stealing your cameras and stuff while you’re enjoying the ride..

Costs is 30000 dong which is roughly 1.5 dollar or around 50 pesos.


3. Food Trip. Ostrich meat, snakes, crocodiles, lizards.. I didnt get to taste though.. Coz tasting the rat in Ho Chi Minh City makes me wanna take a break in eating other kinds of exotic foods.. but we’ll see what my apetite can eat in the future


4. Visit the fishing village and other beautiful beach spots. I wasn’t able to visit this but they say its also one of the highlights when you visit Mui Ne… Never went bathing in the beach too because there are already lots of beaches in the Philippines.. but for those who will go.. hope you enjoy the stay in Mui Ne, Vietnam ^_^


How to go to Mui Ne, Vietnam from Ho Chi Minh? I initially went to the Central Bus Station but the Phuong Trang buslines there are not going to Mui Ne directly..  if you are with a local guide, look  for the Futa Buslines ticketing office 0838.990.154..  and once you found it, take the Phuong Trang bus lines directly to Mui Ne.. Fare will cost you around 7 dollars one way. Travel time is around 4-5 hours.


Where to stay in Mui Ne, Vietnam? There are lots of hotels, and guesthouses once you go to Mui Ne, the guest house that I chose was fully booked when I arrive so I went around to find another one. I found Nhat Thi to be nice.. they have WIFI with unblocked facebook but the hot shower was not really working.. I cant really complain if the price is only 8 dollars a night.. Plus the tour guide is very honest and the dogs in the house are cute. Once you visit, please bring some good karma back. ^_^

Nhat Thi Guest House, 155 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Telephone numbers: 0623.847634 – 0902.847634



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