What I did in Vietnam

What I did in Vietnam

It’s nice to be back in Vietnam again.. the last time I was here in Ho Chi Minh City was last 2008, and that was my first solo travel.. time really fries.

Well I came in Vietnam alone but because I met with Vietnamese friends and was with them most of the time, I cant really consider that solo.

It took me 5 years to go back.. cant help but reminisce my time in this country and with my friends. And because it was a long time ago, some already have babies.. such is life.

It is great that there are now discounted and affordable flights from several major airlines otherwise, it will be very expensive for me. For those who wants to go to Vietnam on a budget, watch out for discounts and promos announced by major airlines. Alternatively, you can monitor cheap flights on different flight comparison websites, or lastly, just like my facebook page travel tipid tips because I regularly post discount flights there.

So far, here’s what I have done in Vietnam that you can do too:

1. Ate exotic foods such as rats, octopus, eel.. I wanted to eat a cobra but it was freaking expensive. This is fried rat.. doesn’t taste like anything else… so I guess it taste none other than a rat. I didnt like it though, but you should try it if you’re curious.

2. Went to a local spa and had hair spa, facial spa and nail pedicure for 40,000.00……….. dong :).. if prices are like that in the Philippines, ill go there every weekend

3. Visited the usual tourist spots such as the Cathedral, the post office, and the art museum.. I didnt went to some tourist spots already because I went there before last 2008


4. Reconnect with friends.. they have grown into fine young ladies.. some even are young mums now.. time fries *sniff*

5. Work online. I wanted to show readers that it is possible to travel while working.. can’t believe I’m location independent now, and I was just dreaming this life a few years ago.. so hopefully I can still balance this work travel lifestyle as long as I can


I’m schedule to go to Mui Ne today.. looking forward to a fun weekend. ^_^ For now, hope this creates a spark for you to travel to Vietnam ;)

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    1. there are still lizards, crocodiles, ostrich meat for the more adventurous. ^_^ thanks, i hope everyone can live the life of their dreams

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