Earnings report temporarily halted

Earnings report temporarily halted

And I thought I could save for a long trip in early July which I’m currently in right now.. but family expenses and emergencies always finds ways to drain my savings… Plus my cousin says our house got robbed are not very good news.

And this makes me want to not report my earnings anymore.. I really wanted to inspire people to follow their dreams and I live simply and frugally just to travel.. I don’t smoke, drink, rarely go to parties, and I live in the mountains, etc… just to save so I can travel.

But emergencies and robberies are not good omens really.. who knows what will happen next..

I’m getting horrible thoughts already @_@

Although I am inspired that other bloggers are all the way out declaring to the world how and what they are doing to live their dreams so others can get inspired too.. to think that one lives in Africa..

I’m a believer of Ubuntu and its also not right that I’m the only one benefiting from what I’m doing so I’m sharing my thoughts.. but if even if I’m trying to do good, I still get bad results after.. something is really wrong.. or maybe I’m not doing it right.

Yeah it could be my fault that instead of motivating them to follow what I’m doing, I have created a motivation to rob our house XD… I’m such a bad person.

Such a shame really, I wanted to tell people how I earn but I fear getting robbed or kidnapped.. Besides, I’m telling my earnings so people can at least do similar activities that can also fulfill dreams.. I cant really say I’m an expert and I still have a lot to learn since this is not a stable earning strategy.. For now, please bear with me, I’m frustrated too.

For those who still wants me to reveal my earning strategies, kindly email me at grasya@grasya.com



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