Chiang Mai – Finding a new home

Chiang Mai – Finding a new home

Chiang Mai, Thailand is a traveler’s haven, but for me its more than that.. it’s my home away from home.

Subtle changes were felt when I first arrived via train… There were still sparks on the first few minutes..

But the first few minutes of sparkle was challenged when I couldn’t find a song taew (jeepney) that will not charge me ridiculous amount to my former apartment.. and another extra challenge when my apartment’s office was closed when I arrived and I couldn’t phone the landlady. I wasn’t able to call them beforehand because there is a long story behind this.

So feeling crushed, I hopped on a song taew again.. Driver asked where? With my basic thai, I struggled to mumble a few streets that I can still remember.. but I actually wanted to say.. road to nowhere.

Going back to a place you once call home is like re-learning a process with a sentimental feel. You cant help but begin again.. re-establish connections with friends, walking past the once familiar route, eating the food and forgetting the details too late when you already have stomach upset. Next time I’ll make sure to buy travel insurance ahead of time.

I finally found a new home down south of Chiang Mai, big thanks to a former officemate who owns these grand Lanna homes… It’s more than a box like my previous apartment coz its a complete house.. and its just what my weary soul needs at the moment.


It’s further away from the city center but I only pay 3000 Baht/month for the whole house.. Peace and serenity achieved. I’m quite happy.  Visit my current work playground if you fancy.

There are several Chiang Mai tour attractions available to suit a variety of tastes. If you decide to go by yourself or take the whole family, there will most likely be something interesting for you to do. Stop by the sidestreet for authentic Thai food, check out Pantip Plaza for some IT shopping, or visit Doi Inthanon National park for some atmospheric peace and quiet.

If you want to stay in my second home in Thailand, you can check out the listing at Airbnb.

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8 thoughts on “Chiang Mai – Finding a new home

  1. I had planned on going to Chiang Mai this year and spending at least 2 months there. My plans have changed though, so I’m going next year instead. Does it have a wifi connection? And is it really for rent, not just because you’re a friend? Thinking of going first half of the year 2014.

    1. i survive on using an internet stick. There are 3 houses for rent, but the price range might just be for me :D.. will ask her about this tomorrow.

  2. I love the house like this far way from city.Could you please tell me where is that I will move to Chiangmai mext year around april now l’m living at Lampang. Thanks :)

  3. I dream of coming back next year! I have already thought about how bizarre it will be, reestablishing roots and taking in how much things have changed in the last couple years. Beautiful house! :)

  4. I hope this fairy city will not change much when I get back there again.. I mean it can change for the better, but I hope the non materialistic friendly welcoming vibes will still be there.. ^_^ feel free to let me know if you want to stay in the house Hannah

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