Top destinations for a budget beach holiday this summer

If you adore beach holidays, even if your wallet isn’t always so keen, you can still get some amazing bargains depending on where you choose to go, as well as the transport you pick. So, if you’re like me and want a break without the huge price tag, read on for some handy tips on where to go. Take note that I haven’t been to some places indicated, but of course they are on my bucket travel list. ^_^

1) Greece

Greece is currently one of the most affordable places for a balmy beach holiday. Not only does the country have an absolutely stunning coastline and a lovely Mediterranean climate, but its prices are also extremely tempting. In fact, while the country has long been seen as one of the best destinations for a budget break (provided you choose the right location and accommodation of course) it is perhaps even cheaper now than it has been in recent years.

You see, like many countries across the world, Greece has been hit by economic difficulties,  but this nation is one of the more seriously affected. While this is not good news in a broad sense, it does mean that holidays here are particularly cheap at this time.

One of the best places to visit in terms of prices, beaches and attractions is Corfu, which is one of the Ionian Islands. Corfu is perfect if you want to have a decent mix of things to do – when you’re not hitting the beach, that is. With its rich history (which you can discover in the capital’s Archaeological Museum and Byzantine Museum) and great walking routes, this island certainly has a lot to offer tourists.

2) Malta

A small country nestled in the Mediterranean Sea, Malta is made up of the tiny islands of Malta, Gozo and Comino and is a wonderful place for a relaxing beach holiday that won’t break the bank. Among the most popular beaches to visit here is Golden Bay, though it’s important to remember that thanks to its strong currents, you can only swim in the shallowest waters.

Malta is a beach destination with a difference in that this country has an incredible 7,000-year history that’s a joy to discover. Even if you plan to spend most of your time here on the sand, it’s worth taking at least a few hours to view some of the most interesting local attractions.

Among the absolute must-sees are the Ggantija Temples, which you’ll find on the island of Gozo. These are one of the world’s most important historical sites and are most famous for their size, with some of the monoliths used to build them a huge 5 m long each. In fact, the stones and temples are so vast that locals once believed the temples to have been built by giants.

3) Morocco

Third, we have Morocco. Located in north Africa, this destination’s coastline sits on both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Perhaps one of its most famous cities and certainly top tourist hotspots, Casablanca, is situated on the former.

Come to Casablanca and you can have a real cultural adventure in between relaxing on the local seafront. Among the top sights to see here are the Hassan II Mosque and the Arab League Park, which is an excellent place for a stroll. You should also keep your eyes open to spot the city’s interesting blend of Moroccan and French colonial architecture.

Just as a quick note, it’s worth bearing in mind that you can visit all of the above destinations on a cruise. Now, I know at first a cruise will sound expensive – and I admit that this kind of holiday can carry a high price tag – but this won’t necessarily be the case. The first trick is to look out for discounts, which are frequently offered in the cruise world.

The next is to think about what you want from your holiday. If your goal is to be away for several weeks and visit multiple destinations, a discounted cruise can be a good and affordable way of achieving this – particularly if you’re keen to relax as much as possible on your trip.

4) Philippines

Simply because I hail from this part of the world.. you can choose numerous remote beaches to begin with.. from white sand, black sand, pink sand.. there are always varieties to choose from. I have to admit the world famous Boracay is a bit expensive, although lots of people still go, there are still equally stunning scenes that are off the beaten path and that requires far less money.. Just always be careful to observe local cultures and contribute to the community if possible like volunteering in a school while you enjoy the serenity of the beautiful country.


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