Technology Ideas that help increase productivity and business efficiency

 I have major makeovers in my life lately.

One major milestone is I became location independent and as long as there is internet location, I can work and earn online.

I’m juggling different roles with different online projects. And I’m thankful for technology because it has allowed this kind of life that I initially thought I could only dream of.

This new working style shouldn’t make people scared. Embracing new technology can help to streamline your business procedures as well as allow everyone to be more productive. So to those technologically challenged, don’t get anxious nor annoyed. Let me know how I can help.

Portable devices such as tablets, smartphones and virtual meeting software like teleconferencing technology have removed workplace boundaries, allowing people to be more efficient than ever. At the moment, all I have is my laptop, cellphone, and ipod and as long as there is internet connection I’m good to go.

Here are three essential ways to increase workplace productivity and success.


Take to the cloud

According to Infoworld, some analysts and vendors define cloud computing narrowly as an updated version of utility computing: basically virtual servers available over the Internet.

More than 70 per cent of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) believe adopting cloud computing is essential for growth, according to a survey by Fasthosts. This means if you’re an SME and you haven’t already made the move to cloud technology, now’s the time to make the transition.

As cloud computing can promote flexibility and a reduction in costs, it’s a particularly important step for small businesses. While many larger companies have already noticed the benefits, a lack of education is noted as one of the biggest barriers preventing all SMEs from making the leap.

It reduces overheads, allows employees to work while on the go, streamlines processes and improves flexibility – surely those are enough reasons to convince you this is an indispensable move?


Try teleconferencing

In today’s business world communication is incredibly important and there are numerous different ways to keep the lines open between employees and clients – teleconferencing has to be up there as one of the best.

One of the major benefits of teleconferencing services – and something that will no doubt please managers – is that it can help to dramatically cut down on the costs associated with commuting – whether this is nationally or internationally.

What’s more, as people sitting across the world from each other can easily communicate through teleconferencing facilities, it’s incredibly useful for small companies looking to grow abroad.

This type of technology is also great for employees who can utilize the services when working remotely. As flexible work is becoming increasingly common, colleagues can easily keep in touch regardless of where they are located in order to contribute to shared projects – cloud computing is also useful for this purpose as people can access the same documents from wherever they are.

Marketing campaigns

Are you looking to get your company into the public eye? Do you want the media to sit up and take notice of all the hard work you’re doing? Want more customers to benefit from your services?

In this day and technological age, there are plenty of ways to make a hard-hitting impression and instantly get your name in front of national media while increasing your consumer base at the same time.

Social media platforms have a huge potential to aid innovation at businesses of any size – small, medium or large. They offer a space in which companies and individuals can benefit from having access to creative clusters of professionals who are willing to share their ideas, as well as allowing you to reach a wide number of people in one fell swoop.

I’m lucky to be able to work with quality brands on their marketing campaigns thru this blog.

Focus on matters that interest your followers through high-quality, relevant content. In this way you’ll be able to attract people to the virtual space and in turn, to your brand.

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