Questions in Life

Lately I was sick.. And while I stare at nothingness waiting for the medicine to do its job, my mind wanders and questions life… It’s really very cynical.. like my old self unfolding. Scary thoughts out there people, sorry if it will put you off… you can always read other blogs instead :P

1. Why do some folks who have a lot more money than others seem to be less nice and more evil to everyone around them? I don’t mean everyone.. I found rare gems though, specially those that work in charity and development. And I thought I’m the only one who observes that.. But then my feelings was validated thru this link:

2. Why are guest posts and articles, which requires the very minimum effort pay much better than my proper online job? Its like this.. why do some famous people who just smile and be pretty are paid much more than a farmer who toils all day? That’s why no one likes to farm! Let’s all eat makeups and computers in the future.

3. Why does my travel photos get more attention than when I post an unhappy status like when I’m sick? Does it mean my friends does not care when I’m sick? They just want to see my travel photos and articles so they can go there soon too? wow..  I’ve got a bunch of selfish friends then :(

4. Why are there poor people? and why do I have this hunch that some people are paid to stay poor so these “philanthropic organizations” can extract money from rich people? Why has it become a Business of giving?

5. Just when I’m starting to travel again, why am I loosing hope?

This might just be a phase in my life.. maybe I’m just down at the moment that’s why all cynical thoughts are popping in, maybe not.. maybe its reality that I need to face and that I need to stop spending too much in front of the computer and should nurture more real life friends instead.

Or maybe I just need to spend more time loving myself. Coz no one else will.

Am I still headed for a beautiful life? I still do hope so.

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