My travel expenses in Hong Kong and Macau

My travel expenses in Hong Kong and Macau

Writing this is difficult… specially when I’m undergoing a phase in life.. some call it writers block, I call it.. lazyness.. or reality avoidance.. coz knowing I’ve spent so much breaks my heart!

But hey, I love sharing my brokeness too! :P

Mysteriously, while I was creating this post, the notes where I stored all the information was deleted.. I got a gut feeling it was not meant for me to share.. good thing I had backups of expenses from different places.. please bear with me as some are just estimates but I’ve made sure it’s close as of this date.. not sure in the future due to inflation :D

Conversion rates at the moment is
1 USD = 7.76 HKD
1 HKD = 5.59 PHP

Here’s the breakdown:


Plane ticket:       3110.01PHP  //  71.717 USD    // 556.35 HKD
Travel Tax:          1620.00PHP  //  37.357 USD    // 289.80 HKD
Processing fee:   200.00PHP  //    4.612 USD    //    35.78 HKD
Terminal fee:       550.00PHP   // 12.680 USD     //   98.39 HKD

Airbnb accomodation for 2 days:           2320.00PHP    //  58.00 USD     //   464.00 HKD
Adaptor:                                                         195.64 PHP   //     4.51 USD    //     35.00 HKD
Cable Car:                                                     503.11 PHP  //   11.60 USD    //   90.00 HKD
Bus back from Cable Car:                            78.26 PHP  //      1.80 US      //    14.00 HKD
Food expenses:                                          (55.94 – 279.50 PHP  //     1.29 to 6.45 USD   //     10 to 50.00 HKD * 3) * 4 days
Pen set :                                                         223.60 PHP  //      5.16 USD   //     40.00 HKD
10 Tshirts (Gifts to nieces/nephews):    1118.07 PHP  //     25.78 USD  //   200.00 HKD
Sandals for myself or ill be saaad:           335.42 PHP  //        7.73 USD  //     60.00 HKD
Octopus Card:                                             1397.59 PHP  //     32.23 USD  //   250.00 HKD
Squid streetfood:                                             55.90 PHP  //        1.29 USD  //     10.00 HKD
Bus to Airport:                                                 223.61 PHP //        5.16 USD  //     40.00 HKD

Travel to Macau and back:                           1778.83 PHP // 40.99 US // 318 HKD
Bus Ride:                                                       12 HKD (Actually you only have to pay for 3.2HKD per ride but I havent mustered the courage to ask my accidental travel buddy to pay up.. so I considered it as his talent fee for reading maps so we dont get too lost :D.. now he’s got added funds to gamble in the casinos)

Bus rides are cheaper than trains
Museums are free on Wednesdays
In Macau, you can actually ride a hotel bus to go around for free, unfortunately was not able to find it
You can just buy a 1 way ticket to the cable car instead of 2 way, then ride the bus going back. But if you really love to ride cable cars, then by all means, buy a 2 way ticket

More freebies here:

To give a total estimate of how much I spent in Hong Kong and Macau including airfare etc, it is around 14,448.45 to 16457.69 PHP // 332.91 to 379.56 USD // 2582.95 to 2944.32 HKD for 4 days..

Now please excuse me for nursing my bad feelings and do a root cause analysis why I could have spent better

6 thoughts on “My travel expenses in Hong Kong and Macau

  1. HK/Macau iz zoo expensive. lol. I was penniless when I got back from my trip 2 years ago. hehe. Thumbs up to your budgeting skills!

    1. after going to HK.. i think i still need to improve more on my budgeting skills.. but overall i think i did fine hihi ^_^.. lots of Pinoys there pala?

  2. It’s true that travelers can save big time when visiting Macau by simply making accommodation reservations with hotels that offer free shuttle bus rides. Thanks for sharing these travel budget info though. But $379.56 is not too bad for a 4 day trip to Macau.

    1. thanks… i live with 300-500 pesos per day in the Philippines and travel with around 1000 pesos per day so that is really a culture shock for me.

  3. nakalagay na po sa taas yung estimate expenses ko.. pero ewan ko lang ngayon kasi 2013 pa yan.. baka nagtaas na ang presyo due to inflation

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