Life without facebook

This grasya is in Vietnam at the moment… and apparently facebook is blocked in this part of the world.. well I can open it if I want using some hacking tools but not having facebook is actually a breather at the moment.. here are the reasons:

1. I can concentrate on blogging… see what I’m doing right now :D

2. I can concentrate on other online tasks too.. I’ve been complaining for lack of time recently and cant find the right time to do other projects and since now that facebook is blocked, I will now be able to concentrate on doing this things. No more excuses grasya!

3. Such a breather that I dont get to see friend’s food porn and random rants for a while HAHAHA! I’m sure my online friends will get a breather from me too

4. Hmm what else? Let’s see.. for now I’m not having withdrawal symptoms actually..

I can concentrate living the present moment with my friends here in Vietnam with whom I’m reconnecting. I was here last 2008 and its nice to be here again, and eat Vietnamese food. ^_^

If you need to reach me, feel free to email or comment away. For now, ciao~

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