How I earned online June Report

How I earned online June Report

This month is overwhelming. Can’t believe I just traveled to Hong Kong and Macau and I need to finish all those blog posts before I move to another country again!

Also, I found angels on earth this month. Lots of them scattered around in the form of a jeepney driver who didnt let me pay the fare, to a Singaporean fundraiser who risk getting dengue just to visit the tribe in my province, to strangers who have offered their home to me. I do wish I’m giving back as much as I’m receiving.

So here’s the report:

Advertisers: I earned $1191.83 thru sponsored and guest posts. There are showbiz personalities who are paid millions to just smile for a commercial.. so distributing these advertising money to ordinary people documenting their real lives is just so awesome! Thank you advertisers, I now have funds to replace my rickety old laptop.

Freebies: I’ve got a free accommodation in my last stay in HK, yay! I also got a free chinaware tea set given by my host. yay! And my host in return, was given a wee gift from me and a home cooked Filipino snack called Turon, yay! ^_^

Events: A fundraiser from Singapore visited this far flung province to do some ocular inspection and to do feeding program for the kids of the Ati Tribe Community. See details of the Ati visit at



P2000 was donated to the Tiboli Tribe in Lake Sebu

P2500 was given to the Ati Tribe, part of the funds courtesy of Mono Asia, a fundraiser from Singapore

Challenges: I’m still waiting for the updated pictures from Lake Sebu and the last book drive in Antique.. kinda raises a red flag for me. But I trust. It’s also a lesson learned for me to make sure I’m present to see the goods are delivered to the beneficiaries.



OK. Now this earning reports is not aimed to make readers jealous. If you are then please don’t. This should create a spark for you to create your own blog too. I humbly ask your opinion how I can do better. Also, there are thousands of blogs out there competing for the same advertising space so I am sure this type of earning is not sustainable in the future.

That is why I have other income streams. I still do quality assurance work for a database company, and I do mystery shopping gigs.

I plan to sell orchids and some produce of our farm once it is ready too. If you want me to advertise your product let me know.

I’m gearing up to travel, as far as possible, who knows. ^_^ And seize the opportunity to create a beautiful life not just for me but for everybody.

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