This grasya is in Hong Kong.. and Macau

This grasya is in Hong Kong.. and Macau

I’m currently traveling in Hong Kong.. a much needed break from spending long times in the mountains. I didnt go to some usual touristy areas like Disneyland but I think going to other places in the country is more awesome. Plus visiting nearby Macau, is much more awesome. I think I’m doing a great achievement already :D *pats self at back*


(Note: not many people knew that Hong Kong and Macau are not really countries although they have their own money currency and immigration system, that includes me. Really confusing. But hey now I know :P)

Here’s the draft of what I did in Hong Kong so far, I’ll try to make a much more detailed blog post with lots of pictures when I get much more settled to write.

Day One
1. Hangout at the airport. Free aircon. Free WIFI. You can live there actually.
2. Go to Langtau island to ride the cable car. If you ride the regular cable car for one way for 90 HK Dollars, and ride the bus afterwards, you’ll be able to save than buying the 2 way ride.. but if you love cable cars that much, then 2 way rides back and forth are worth it.
3. Familiarization of the city. It’s great that the MTR train is easy to use here.

Day Two
1. Macau for a day to see St Paul ruins

2. City tour in Macau (because we got lost)
3. Met awesome people which includes:
– a Korean tourist, we went to the ruins together. He’s going to the casino to play but forgot to pay me the bus ticket which I paid earlier because he’s got no change. Well he was my map reader so I guess its okay.
– couple of Pinoy DH traveling to Macau, they helped us gather our change when bus drivers are being rude. It was great to have a conversation with them on their lives during the bus travels too
4. Met up with my couch surfer and taught me some local customs and food.
5. Went shopping and saw the cutest dog with the longest eyelash *drools*

Day Three
1. Met up with awesome people in the hostel and talked about German Au Pairs and Filipino nannys xD
2. Lost in the city. Woo hoo. Good thing a Brit guy was traveling around with me to carry my wee but heavy backpack. You’re an angel dude ^_^.. go get that girl you met in Dubai! ^_^
3. Met Antonella, whom I havent met for 10 years! And we catch up with life.. time fries, *sigh*
4. Visit the art and space museums.
5. Coffee hunting. Cant find one that offers free WIFI. Boo.
6. Cooked turon for my super awesome couch surfer host

Day Four.

1. Was set to visit the walled city but had to work online in the morning and did mystery shopping in the afternoon so wasn’t able to go. Boo.
2. Toured the malls in Central :D.. I’ve upgraded my shopping skills from window shopping to mystery shopping. How cool is that.
3. Rode the longest escalator in the world, the mid-level escalator in Central station.. thing is it’s only 1 way route and you have to walk if you want to go back. Or go down the stairway and explore other streets too.
4. Went to Sheun Wan and explored the area, and saw some temples and some pretty art stores.

Hong Kong is kinda expensive though. I’m really afraid to count down my expenses later, i might get sad! So for now, I keep happy thoughts and document them not just in my memory but in this blog. ^_^

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