Free stuff I have discovered in Hong Kong

Free stuff I have discovered in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a very expensive place to travel for many people (that includes me) . But if you plan it right, you may find freebies that not many knew. And because sharing is caring, here’s what I’ve discovered.. Freebies means more freedom to travel in other places so hopefully you’ll find this post useful:


1. Free WIFI in the airport. The place is really a nice hang out. I see many travelers hanging out and sleeping there while they wait for their next flight.. you can have that as a backup plan actually just in case you haven’t found a proper place to stay

2. Free coffee and WIFI in my hostel. It’s kinda ironic that I haven’t found any coffee shops with free WIFI though. Boo. Good thing the hostel provided these.. although my old cranky laptop wasnt able to grab the free WIFI due to gadget discrimination errr compatibility issues, but neighbors have free WIFI so that made me happy. I know there might be some security issues with free WIFIs but I have nothing to declare really :P.. I got a great deal at airbnb, and you can get a great deal too, just look around at my travel resource section.

3. Free accommodation. Yes it is possible if you couchsurf although it is really hard to request for a couch in HK, and maybe I just got lucky I got a free stay on my last night. I cooked and bought a wee gift for my host in return though ^_^.. this was my view at night.


4. Free entrance at Museums on a Wednesday. I went to the Art and Space museum for free YAY! This would cost something if I go there on other days.

5. Free ride on the longest mid-level escalator in Central station. Ride along while you see places while the escalator moves.. thing is, its only a one way ride.. so you’ll have to walk on the way back :D

6. Free walking tour.. especially when you get lost haha! So dont get annoyed when you end up in the wrong place, your legs will probably have some added muscles for too much walking but at least you’ve seen places that not many people gets to see ;)


You can get more ideas here:

So that concludes my freebies discovery. How about you? What freebies have you discovered in Hong Kong? ^_^

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