What to do in Nepal

What to do in Nepal

While I’m drafting the plans for my long journey, I’m foreseeing myself traveling to a dream travel destination -Nepal. Many people always think of Mt Everest when you say Nepal, but I’m sure there’s more stuff to do and things to see than the majestic snow covered Mountain..

Wow my long journey is taking shape.. some people ask me if I’ll be homesick, well I’ve done this before, you know, away for a long time. I guess making free international calls would make life easier. So what do I plan to do in Nepal?


1. Food trip. What better way to know a country than to know the taste of their food.

2. Volunteer in a grassroot community and observe how people are living in a cashless system. I’ve read somewhere that many NGO failed to see the disaster their good intentioned intervention would cause, and communities still struggle to go back to the old ways and survive. It will be great to discover rural villages that function well without a cash economy.

3. Go to Mt. Everest… and take picture then go home. Or look for nearby coffee shops, read a book, write a blog post while I stare at the white colored mountain..


What, you think I’m gonna trek it? Sorry leg muscles aren’t ready yet.

4. Step foot on snow. I grew up in a tropical country, so I love to see things that are not ordinary in the Philippines.. like snow :D

5. Sunrise Paragliding.. I’ve never tried this before coz its expensive. So if you notice I’m in a hermit mode and not going out as much as possible so I can spend for this… costs 120$ btw :D

6. Visit Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha. Most countries in Asia have buddhism as religion so would like to at least get a glimpsed of this magnificent person who have touched lives of so many people… I think I will need to require myself to visit Israel too.



Did I miss something? What else do you think I should also do in Nepal?



This dream travel destination was recently ticked off my bucketlist, yay!! I didnt do trekking and I was thinking stepping foot in snow and paragliding are special activities to be done with special people in my life.. so I will need to make sure I go back to Nepal again next time. ^_^

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**credit of pix goes to Michael Rosenkratz

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  1. I’ve never been to Nepal and I didn’t know that Mt. Everest is there! I should really brush up on my geography >.< Would love to read about your Nepal journey once it happens ;)

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