How I earned online April report

How I earned online April report

This lifestyle travel blog project of mine, is still in the toddler phase of monetizing.. even if the domain has been for around 10 years,

It’s all good coz I’m not really a marketing person but when your goal is to be free, you’ll do all sorts of things just to maintain the lifestyle. I’m still grateful ^_^

So for last month, I have earned… *drumroll please*


Advertisers: 490.08…………….. pesos lol. Actually that’s the accumulated amount I’m getting from a local advertiser. That is roughly around 12 US dollars btw.

Freebies: My sponsor Clearly Filtered Water will send me their product so I can bring it once I start that long journey. The company is out to bring clean water to the world. Clearly Filtered Water aims to donate 10% of the company profits to those who need clean drinking water. That’s worth promoting.

Events: No events from last month which is good so I can focus on other areas of my life.



So you see, this is risky business.. sometimes you are overflowing, sometimes you’ve got none. It is always good to have diversified income streams.

Majority of my traffic comes from searches, I don’t have gazillion numbers yet but still thank you google for putting me in the first few pages for my keywords. I also saw an increase of people searching for directly.. which means more and more people are knowing the brand, yay! I need to increase my referrals though..


Top keywords are:
what to do in tagaytay
what to do in iloilo
where to stay in bohol
what to do in laguna
freebies philippines

However, people stay longer when they are looking for:
philippines freebie
how much budget going to tagaytay
tagaytay philippines things to do
technology of t’boli tribe
cheap accomodations in tagbilaran
how many pesos you need a month in the philippines
hotel for backpackers in bohol top viewers are
United States
United Kingdom

But people who read longer are from:
United Arab Emirates


Next Step: I need to finish that e-book! And I’m currently negotiating to partner up as a mystery shopper to a big mystery shopping company, we’ll see how it goes.

Plus I have welcomed awesome fairies to be contributors to this  lifestyle travel blog.. They say only few people venture into the road less traveled, so I’m sure the fairies I will be introducing are rare gems.

I’m sorry for the people searching for freebies here but cant find nothing of value.. I’ll work more on that for

If you have ideas to further improve, pretty please let us know.. so together, it will not just be me but everybody contributing to a beautiful life.

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  1. Who cares what people think. You retired at a younger than average age, good for you. I think most people that get around the retiring stages in life, they kinda have to work or are still able bodied enough to keep working anyway. Some people retire very wealthy and still have to do something even though they are set forever. I used to be a deckhand on a ship, My captain was a retired container ship captain. He was retired and pretty wealthy and got a job working on a small cruise ship company that i worked for. He was grossly over qualified but he still had to do something. His last worry was money. So I think people give you weird looks because they question themselves what they would do if they had the free time travel? work? start a business?

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