How to prepare for a long travel journey

How to prepare for a long travel journey

I bought tickets yesterday. I’m going out of the country again!! ^_^ (insert clapping and happy dance here)

First part will be me traveling solo (although from my solo trips, I’ve always met road angels so lets see what will happen this time)

Second part will be me traveling with mum! Yeah excited and anxious at the same time. I have traveled long journeys before but this is a different process, this time I’m more on my own and planning my own itineraries.

If you wonder, here is what I’m doing to prepare for a long travel journey.

1. Make sure travel fund is ready. I’ve posted my wish to travel in this blog and after a while, yes it did came true.. this blog has given me funds to travel! Isnt it great that the universe has and still is conspiring ;).. I’ve added a few sites and projects in mind and see how they’ll take off. I’ve been working online too so that’s additional income.

2. Prepare and research destinations. From previous travels, I really dont research that much.. I just go to a place I wanted then once I’m there then I ask around where is the best place to go. I usually rely on locals rather than research on the internet. This might not be the best strategy but sometimes itineraries are wasted once you’re traveling already. Prepare one anyway.

3. Look for contacts in the country. My first stop will be in Hong Kong so I have alerted friends there. Next stop will be Vietnam, Laos, then we’ll see where the future holds ;).. Hopefully in one of my Dream Travel Destinations ^_^

I plan to stay in homestays, NGOs or charity organization so I can travel with a purpose too..

4. Advice family and clients about the plan of traveling. I’m lucky I have supportive ones.. I even made a partnership with my client to get him some projects and I’ll get commission in return.. ^_^ so its important to surround yourself with people that will support and believe in you.

5. Evaluate Risks and Challenges. Here’s some at the top of my head:
a. what if I get sick on the road
b. what if I got an accident
c. what if I run out of funds
d. how do i deal with discrimination and colonial mentality

I’ve been extra careful and havent had a serious health problem that made me confined in the hospital during my last travels.. but just in case, I’ll get myself an insurance. If I run out of funds, then I’ll just go home (depressed). Another challenge I think is the treatment i’ll face on certain countries that has racial discrimination where people prefer to mingle with those from the west.. but wait, I should be able to handle that since I hail from a similar country :D

Now since I’m not a rich kid like other lucky souls, feel free to partner up with me so I can pave the way for other people that are not rich to travel too. There are many ways to show your support.

1. Like my facebook pages life is beautiful and travel tipid tips and twitter account at @gracebangoy. Feel free to send me comment love too, that’s a real boost for me to move on with this journey..

2. Invite me on conferences so I can cover the event via social media

3. Hire me to do QA Audits in your business establishments.. I’ll be posting as mystery shopper/guest and you’ll be getting quality feedback in return

4. Partner up with me on showcasing your products/services on this site. I’m gearing towards promoting products and services that helps the environment and/or supports small communities to be self sustainable.

5. I’m looking to promote green travels, bike tours, and other environment friendly tours. Kindly contact me so we can work on this together.

6. Support my tech and other projects so we can uplift not only ourselves but others as well. I’m cooking up travel scholarships and will reveal details later on.

7. Let me know scholarships available so I can finally enroll at the University for Peace in Costa Rica and get an MA in International Peace Studies.

So while I prepare, sit back and relax and lets continue to aim for a beautiful and awesome life. How about you? Care to share your tips on how you prepare for a long journey?

2 thoughts on “How to prepare for a long travel journey

  1. It also helps if you have some basic emergency medical knowledge, not only for yourself but for helping others you may be traveling with. A great way to prepare for your trip is to take a first aid or basic life support course before you go; if you’re traveling with a group, you should know where the first aid kit is and what’s in it.

    1. i’ll be in contact with friends from the medical field just to make sure my health (including sanity) will be checked while traveling. thanks for the tip!

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