How I earned online March report

How I earned online March report

Sorry this is late posting. Sometimes I dont know whether I should divulge earnings but I wanted to be transparent to my readers and honest about what strategies I am making for, that in the end, should inspire trust. And even if some bad elements are reading this, I’m sure I wont be kidnapped yet coz they know I’m trying my best to uplift their social condition so they wont resort to kidnappings as a job ;)

It’s not much if you compare to superstar bloggers who gets sponsored trips and get big advertisers.. But then I guess its better that most of my trips are not sponsored coz it means i’m providing authentic travel experiences that the majority can follow afterwards. Of course I still love sponsorships every now and then.. xD

Top viewers comes from the Philippines, US, Australia, India and UK
Top keyword topics are: what to do in Tagaytay, where to stay in Bohol, what to do in Iloilo, freebies Philippines

Here’s the breakdown of my blog earnings during the month of March

1. Advertisers – $578.5

2. Freebies – I got various event invites, cant remember why I declined some xD.. but please keep me invited, I’d appreciate that.

I have covered 2 events by 2 NGOs last March which is good. Cant really say I got freebies but to participate in social building is always an awesome experience.

Aside from strategies mentioned from my previous post, I plan to expand this lifestyle travel blog with contributors so if you want to be one, let me know. Who knows what the future brings ^_^

Do you want to know how I spend my earnings from this blog? Check out

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