What to do in Laguna

What to do in Laguna

I’ve been staying in the province where I grew up for a couple of weeks already.. It’s around 1.5 hours down south of Metro Manila and the province is called Laguna.

I’ve written a few articles about Laguna but lately I’ve discovered more of what it offers. Guess the past few years of me living here revolved on  routine school and work that I haven’t really explored this side of the country. Aside from traffic and growing population in major cities, here’s the beauty of this province that people also need to discover:


Where and what to eat in Laguna

If you are on a budget, eat buko pie and other native delicacies instead. Lots of buko pie vendors and shops that you can choose from specially if you are at bus stops in Calamba and Los Baños.  And while you’re at it, try espasol as well.

But if you have budget to splurge, dine out at Isdaan, Calauan, Laguna. You don’t need to go to a Buddhist country such as Thailand, you can actually see buddhist and lanna art in that restaurant. Prepare a budget of around 200 pesos and above for this posh restaurant.

Oh, its not only lanna art, you can also get to dine in a floating restaurant and hear waiters sing too! Here’s a sample of their food.. kind of oily for me but I’m there for the umbeyonce~


Speaking of umbeyonce err ambiance..


If you want more challenge with exotic foods, try snakes and snails at Exotik, Kalayaan, Laguna. I’ve tasted exotic foods before like bugs, worms, and balut is like a normal exotic food in the Philippines.. but snakes and snails is a milestone *pats self at back*


Then, if you want to chill, drink coffee at Kape Kesada Art Gallery and coffee shop in Paete, Laguna. Paete is known for its brilliant wood carvers and while viewing wood arts, you may want to sip great coffee too.

These are some of the wood carvings displayed at the coffee shop:


Now you know where to fill your hungry tummy, explore what else there is to do in Laguna. 


If you are on a budget, try to visit these places where entrance is free or just have minimal cost

Visit the house of the national hero Jose Rizal… and wonder how this small man moves thousands of souls and proved that the pen is mightier than the sword. I’ve been inside the house a couple of times since I’m from this province.. favorite part is to pass by it at night time after late mass.


Chill out at the grounds of University of the Philippines, Los Banos. A picnic on a weekend and just reflect on life is a perfect getaway plan.

Visit the Underground Cemetery in Nagcarlan. It’s the only one of its kind in the Philippines where the burial is located underneath a church. This awesome national historical landmark must be on top of your list when visiting the province


Stare at beautiful churches. You can see these churches in every town of Laguna.. whether its old, historical, or newly created.. each has its own unique beauty to marvel at. I specially loved the church in Paete because they got an all male choir. And i love the one beside the house of Dr Jose Rizal.




Now if you have enough money to splurge, why not do the following

Disneyland’s counterpart is Enchanted Kingdom at Sta. Rosa, Laguna. So if you’re into adrenalin rush and fancy rides, check that out.

Swim at the many hotspring resorts in Los Baños. Laguna has a lake and lots of hotspring pools to choose from for those who are fond of having fun in large bodies of water.

Visit Pagsanjan Falls. I do think the entrance fee is a bit expensive. But you can still check it out if you dont mind spending money to see waterfalls.

Shop for shoes and slippers in Liliw. All kinds of shoes, sandals and slippers can be found at that heaven for shoe lovers.


So, that wraps my (re)discovery of this province called Laguna. For those coming from Metro Manila, ride the bus at LRT, Buendia to Sta Rosa, Calamba, or Sta Cruz depending on where in Laguna you want to go.

I still have to research on what routes to take when you go to these places using public transportation because we went around with a car, a big thank you goes to a wonderful lady named Lee.. may the angels give her a wonderful boyfriend for a good karma ^_^ yeeeeheee~


And you know my most favorite of all things to do in Laguna? It is to walk from our house and see the cows and goats graze in the greens.. and to look forward to eating my mum’s prepared food.. Life’s simple pleasures are sometimes bliss.

I’m sure there are lots to discover more. What about you? What have you discovered in Laguna lately? ^_^


7 thoughts on “What to do in Laguna

  1. Great list here Grasya! I’m from Laguna too :) Visited many places mentioned in the list, but I’m looking forward to see the Isdaan Restaurant in Calauan after watching GMA’s Ang Pinaka. What province in Laguna are you from? I miss the cows lurking near our house, that’s like 10 years ago. The joys of simple life. Sayang at marami ng bahay ang mga nakatayo ngayon.

    1. Industrialization has its advantage and disadvantages… Cant really say exactly where I’m from kasi I love being anonymous hihi.. but yeah, hope people can still remember the bliss of simple living… otherwise, we will be breeding stressful and cranky people like those who live in the big bad city… woop ^_^v

    1. Brgy. Bangyas, Calauan, Laguna, Philippines.. if you’re riding the bus, tell the conductor to drop you off at Isdaan, Calauan, Laguna

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