Kublai Kafe: Coffee Shop in Davao

Kublai Kafe: Coffee Shop in Davao

This coffee shop by far is the winner on my list of coffee shops to visit in the Philippines.

I’ve never seen a place where even the stairs is an art candy.



If you love arts, get ready to feast your eyes even on every nook and corner.


Im impressed on how he used ordinary things to create extra ordinary impressions. Example, he uses your shoes and everyday jeans to create a face. Weird? Yeah. Creative? Yeah to the highest level.



Hrrmm its more like I’m blogging about an art place than a coffee shop xD.. but if you’re both an art and coffee lover, you’ll definitely find this post useful :P

Kublai Kafe is located inside Ponce Suites, the unconventional center. From Victoria Plaza, go to the other side of the main street and turn towards a corner going to Ponce Suites, the unconventional center. Once you’ve feel your jaw dropping because of extra ordinary stone carvings, then you’re near the area. Go inside the Ponce Suites building and feast your eyes with art while sipping your favorite coffee.


6 thoughts on “Kublai Kafe: Coffee Shop in Davao

    1. the stairs was blocked when we went there.. but yeah everything was creatively done.. the coffee shop is inside the hotel which has all these arts.. really art candy ^_^

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