Travels in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Travels in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

I arrived in Yogyakarta.. or Jogjakarta as locals pronounce and spell it, alone.

Everyone I met in Indonesia was raving about the place and highly recommends that I check it out. And so I did. And so I found myself raving about it too.. ^_^

Jogjakarta, or Jogja, as locals pronounce it, is a major tourist destination in Indonesia.. where many Indonesian students come to study and live.

It was a challenge to find an accommodation though. I tried not to couchsurf this time, and I was thinking since its not high season, I wont be having problems looking for a decent place to stay.. Apparently all the budget places are all fully booked and from 11pm to 2am, I find myself wandering in the streets thinking if I’m gonna be sleeping on the benches along Malioboro.

Good thing I found a rather decent one for 125,000.00 IDR… It’s still expensive as compare to what my friends told me which is around 50,000.00 to 75,000.00, but I dont want to challenge my frugality at the wee hours in the morning. I grabbed the deal and slept till 3pm

And then I slept in 3 different accommodations after that xD.. Detailed story to follow..

Although that’s not the main core of the adventure I had in Jogjakarta. The best is yet to come.

Jeff, an Indonesian returned VSO Volunteer is also touring the place with his Tajik friend Shuhrat.. so they have invited me to join in their travels. Here’s what we did that you can do to:

1. Visited the Borobodur Temple, the largest Buddhist monument in the world.. it was interesting to note that our Tajik friend was swarmed by young Muslim women who wants to take a picture of him! Ah the joys of being a Bule (Bule means a white person.. Tajiks, even if they are from Central Asia, looks more Caucasian than typical Asian).. will upload that video soon heee heee ^_^

2. Visited the Prambanan Temple. This and Borobodur Temples makes me feel like I’m in Angkor Wat, Cambodia.. even the architecture and the stone carvings are very similar..


3. Visit the Sultan’s Palace and was awed at the culture and life of a Sultan.. I met a king when I was in India,and this king was just wearing regular jeans and shirt.. I havent met the Sultan but I think he still wears traditional dress coz all the guards in the area are wearing traditional dress, therefore, I assume he wears his robes too.

4. Visited Jeff’s friends at a local NGO. Pusat Rehabilitasi YAKKUM is a non government Indonesia organisation concerned with the rehabilitation of children and young adults who are physically disabled. The organization aims to assist PWDs (persons with disabilities) in any way which will enable them to become independent, both physically and economically. For support, you may want to visit the website or visit their address at

Jalan Kaliurang Km 13.5, Desa Besi, Yogyakara, Indnesia

5. Rode the 4×4 to Mt Merapi and saw remnants of the volcanic eruption.. including this skull:


and we visited a Museum which displays all the melted stuff brought by the ravage of the volcanic eruption


The temperature in the mountain is cold even if in Jogja town its hot.. so bring a jacket and umbrella just in case it rains. View is magnificent along the way too.. those bald trees must be the remnants of the eruption too.. at least they are still standing.. looks like the mountain’s got some standing hair strands


6. Drank the most expensive coffee. Costs 7.5 dollars xD.. I know I’m not wise to do this but its my last day and this lady whom I just met offered to pay via her credit card which will in turn get me a discount.. so I just paid only around 5 dollars.. but I did had a good company and a new friend thru this lady ^_^

For those who wants to drink coffee luwak at a much cheaper price, I saw one in the many coffee shops around Cihampelas mall in Bandung for only 35000.00, that’s only around 3.5 dollars


7. Food trip and (window) shopping. Too bad my shopping wallet was lost somewhere in Bandung (my fault for being clumsy) so never had the chance to do some shopping so I just feasted my eyes on stuff.. its okay coz my wanderlust has been more than filled and its enough to make myself happy for many many months ^_^

The guys Jeff and Shuhrat sponsored most of the tour so even if my accommodations were an extra challenge, the tour itself was very memorable.. most specially that I made new friends from Indonesia and Tajikistan.. Thank you gentlemen ^_^


PS. And because they were my angel during my travels, if you are in Bali, kindly visit Jeff’s restaurant and pretty please give some good karma back ^_^

Warung Warung restaurant. Bali Galeria Mall, Jl. By pass ngurah rai, simpang dewa ruci. 1st floor. Bali Indonesia


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