Memories of my travels in Jakarta, Indonesia

Memories of my travels in Jakarta, Indonesia

Here are some snapshots moments of my travels in Jakarta.. they are not significantly touristy but I valued the moments of knowing interesting people and eating interesting foods. I spent most times working online at coffee shops though.. kudos to restaurants and cofee shop’s fast WIFI xD

Ate different kinds of Indonesian foods (I’ll make a separate post on this one) and learned how to make Nasi Goreng.. let me know if you want me to do a cooking experiment with you… But I cant promise you’ll be delighted with the outcome :D

Quick tour in the city. It was great to see parts of Jakarta even for a fleeting moment

Thanks to my great couchsurfing host Anna

Slept at an NGO house and went flood watching. Really! Well.. do you really want to see pictures of floods? xD I’ve met the interesting NGO crew though.. You can learn more about them at their website

There are lots of coffee shops in Gambir train station.. I think it was designed for busy travelers who work on the side while waiting for their train schedule to depart.. I have spent considerable amounts at coffee shops there so I think its the highlight of my Jakarta memories xD

Near Gambir train station has lots of interesting tourists spots.. so if you find yourself bored while waiting, try to roam around the vicinity to find museums, churches, and other places of interest

It is also from Gambir train station where you can find the bus to the airport so you dont have to pay for expensive taxi. That’s my short and sweet post about Jakarta… So what’s your best memory of the city? ^_^

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    1. better yet re-establish my coffee shop again ;)… coffee shop reviews will be another section on this blog ^_^.. send my regards to Mama Africa

    1. oh haha! so you hate your capital city.. i have bad feelings with my capital city too.. now there goes a pattern :D

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