How I earned online Jan-Feb report

How I earned online Jan-Feb report

Last month got me some freebies in terms of accommodations in Indonesia, and meetups of very interesting people is a plus. This month got me some boost in my travel blogging funds, big boost compare to previous months actually… I can now order cake that goes with my coffee, i love you advertisers ^_^

I really look at this blog as just a hobby but I feel its beginning to take shape into more than that.. I’m sure the universe is fed up with me dreaming and doing steps for me to make my dreams a reality. I love you universe ^_^

Ok, without further ado, here’s the breakdown of my blog earnings from January – mid February.

1. Advertisers – $500 + £32

2. Freebies – Free accommodation care of angels in couchsurfing

My readers have boosted up to 2735 with top readers from Philippines, US, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia, Canada, India, and Malaysia..
Popular topics are: What to do in Tagaytay, What to do in Iloilo, What to do in Bohol, Freebies Philippines, Where to stay in Bohol, Nogas Island, What to do in Davao.

Thank you so much for reading my thoughts. Feel free to ask me what else you needed to know. ^_^

Next Strategies?

I’m also taking steps to be a fairy thru, if you are a sponsor or a marketer, please let me know if i can work with you on promoting your giveaways. You can also contact me to promote your charity events.

I’m still working on the book about volunteering.. I’m really motivating myself to write this one coz I’ve been meeting angels in the form of humans along the road and it will be selfish of me if I dont share the goodness to people. ^_^

I am also experimenting on this new gig of being a mystery shopper.. remember I wanted to be a spy? ;)

I really wish to hear from you if you have any suggestions on how to support to be better. So together, we can grow and fulfill our dream lives… Onwards to a beautiful life. ^_^

Google Analytic Statistics from Jan15 – Feb15, 2013

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