Frugal Travel Tips Series on the Road #11

Frugal Travel Tips Series on the Road #11

Mehmet Ali Özçobanlar Hadjidakis, or Mehmet, is an addition to my collection… of people I interview on Frugal Tips Series  :))

I met him last year together with DJ Yabis whom I also interviewed for Frugal Travel Tips and his partner Michael when they visited Bohol. I get jealous of his travels in Europe and other countries so I decided to interview him on how he is able to afford his travels. And since he wants to go back to the Philippines so much, we have come up with an exchange deal. He goes here, I go there xD


Like many people that I have interviewed, he travels the local way. His parents can afford to fund his travels, soooOo I really should ask if they need an extra sister xD..

Read more on what we talked about:

[grasya] Can you tell me something about yourself? Occupation/hobbies/etc
[mehmet] I am a doctorate student at University of Warsaw in Poland. After my post graduation at the same university I started to continue my PhD research about Cross Culture. Although I am Turk and part of my family also Greek, my friends are so often used to call me that I am a world citizen. It is because I have a passion for travel, meet people and learn about new cultures. All those desires make me to follow the way of life which is travel.

[grasya] How many countries have you been so far? Which is your favorite and why?
[mehmet] so far I have been almost 35 countries in 4 continents. Each of them has got their own beauty in itself. I rather prefer being a local in all my trips instead of pretending as a tourist. When I visit a country I go there to discover and to learn more about life style how it is. Therefore like most of local people who are living in their town I find many places interested. I love the sea I love the sun and I love the sand. This three ‘S’ Sea, Sun and Sand all complied in Sitges which is a town about 35 kilometers southwest of Barcelona.

[grasya] How do you fund your travels?
[mehmet] When the subject is travel of course one of the most important issue is the funding your travel costs. After my first trip to abroad this was Malta for study purpose for couple months I learnt how to make a budget for living and saving money for short trips. All my travels are supported by my family because they believe to travel is an education as well. I just try to live as a local in all my trips so therefore my travel costs get lower and I enjoy more to feel being as a local more than as a stranger in a new town.

[grasya] What are your plans in the future?
[mehmet] Of course to Travel  I am the most happiest when I travel. It is no matter either a short trip to neighborhood or a long distance travel. I enjoy in each time when I get my luggage ready to move somewhere. But I try to combine my trips and my educational carrier goes along with. For the near future I plan to go and discover many other countries such as U.S.A., India, China, Jordan and Israel.

[grasya] How can you make the world a better place?
[mehmet] How we can make the world a better place? the point is that to work together and the subject is ‘we’ after we know in which conditions we want to live then the answer comes itself out. We can make the world a better place if we do not have the borders. Let the people know each other, meet each other, understand each other then the world will be the place where people would like to live in a peace and happiness.

[grasya] Lastly, any frugal travel tips you want to share?
[mehmet] First of all know where to go. This will make a big discount in your trips. Always try to use public transportations although I rather prefer to walk. Choose an accommodation in center of town but remember not in fancy and luxury conditions because you travel to new towns not new shelters. The most important is that try to be a local. I wish to every body to have a life with full of travel.


So that’s it. If I can be reborn again, I would choose Mehmet’s life and wouldn’t mind having late booking holidays just so I can travel to countries and places I wanted to go..  but since I live in a tropical paradise, I’m still happy with what I got.. until my itchy feet itches for me to travel again.. which is real soon xD



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