What to do in Tawi Tawi

What to do in Tawi Tawi

Tawi tawi is the southernmost province in the Philippines where you can almost see Malaysia when you’re on top of the mountain. You can also try to go to Indonesia or Malaysia via boats but since I didnt have my passport, I wasn’t able to go *sayang*

Anyway, its a charm and a challenge that was ticked off my bucket list. It’s a laid back province, I even met Malaysians traveling around.. so without further ado, if you found yourself in Tawi Tawi, here are things you can do:

Let the stilt houses set you in awe.. if you have the chance to go inside, then you have my salute because I havent been inside a stilt house yet


Climb Bud Bungao, but before that, you have to make friends with the monkeys along the way.. bananas should be your peace offering.

And once you’ve passed the monkey challenge, the view at the top is amazing


Make an instant clean drive when you get down the mountain, you’ve seen the magnificent view a top, why not help make a beautiful view of the path trek by picking trash along the way


Chill out and look for coffee shops and eat this! According to DayangZarah Ali, a friend from Tawi Tawi, the round purple thing is putlih mandi. daral is the purple wrapped like lumpia. then the one wrapped in leaves is pitis. tabid-tabis is the one with sugar under the daral which is also purple in color. Donut is the one beside the putlih mandi which is round with a hole at the center & coated with sugar too. The brown fried thing is pangih pangih. All of these are bangbang which is the equivalent of kanom in Thai, tinapay in Tagalog, bread in English ^_^

Explore the town more.. thank you to a returned VSO Volunteer, Michael Guanieso, who was gracious enough to show what it is like in Tawi Tawi.


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