What to do in Puerto Princesa, Palawan

What to do in Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Puerto Princesa, Palawan is home to the world’s longest underground river, and awesome dotted mini islands.

I was there for a short while.. and to be honest, I want to go back, and stay in Palawan for a long time… ok maybe forever :D

The short trip was awesome.. so awesome that even if its a bit expensive as compare to other provinces, my itchy feet was still real happy.

Here’s a report of what I did that hope you get to do too:

Visit the vanishing Batak Tribe.
For a change, head over to San Jose terminal, ride a bus that goes to the Batak Center. Once there, trek inside the mountains, cross 5 rivers without bridges and visit this group of Indigenous People.
You can buy Almasigas, a stone like material that burns slowly from them to help in their livelihood. You never know what feeling you can bring down the mountains afterwards. Read more here.

Look for unique souvenirs.
Speaking of unique, I found a shark teeth :D… i didnt get to buy though coz i was scheduled to backpack Mindanao after, why should I backpack around with a shark teeth? You can get this unique souvenir at KC28 Souvenir Shop located just beside Balinsasayaw Restaurant at Rizal Avenue, Bgy Maningning, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

Eat Chao Long
Chao Long is a noodle stew soup that has a Vietnamese influence. It is perfect to be eaten with french bread. The perfect Chao Long is at Bona’s. Just hail a tricycle and go to Manalo Street where Bona’s Chao Long is located. It is a favorite among locals and foreign travelers deserve to know this too!

If you feel like spending money, you can taste one of the most expensive soup in the world, the Birds Nest Soup at Balinsasayaw restaurant located at Rizal Avenue. Of course I didnt get to taste it, its expensive! xD

If you want to awaken your artistic senses, head over to Ka Lui. Customers are asked to remove their shoes before entering the restaurant which reminds the guests of the typical Asian culture, so you get to eat bare footed.

If you want to hang out at night
Stroll along Rizal Ave at night and you get to choose which bar you fancy. Popular among the party people is the Kinabuch Bar and Grill, specially if you are adventurous enough to eat tamilok, a wood worm extracted from mangroves, and a beer.

So there you go folks, i’m now sure you know why I want to go there again soon.. because I havent been around Palawan yet! There’s more to cover and there’s always more to blog about ;)

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  1. I really do enjoy your travel blogs dear Grasya however let me comment on the sharks teeth, which gracefully you avoided to buy. Certain sharks unfortunately have become close to extinction and I fear that trading shark teeth is conductive to illegal hunting of sharks. And on another aspect looking at sharks teeth – razor-sharp as they are might lead to prejudice against shark and many not so educated folks could believe that all sharks are man eaters which absolutely id not true. We should discourage trading in sharks teeth and shark fins whenever we have an opportunity to do so.

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