What to do in Bandung, Indonesia

What to do in Bandung, Indonesia

Bandung, the Paris of Java, the flower city of Indonesia.

Indonesia is more than Bali or Jakarta. Try to visit Bandung for a change. The place has given me more ways than one to be happy and grateful. Mother Earth must be proud.

Here’s what I did that you can also check out once you visit the beautiful city.

Food trip. I visited quite a few restaurants and ate different kinds of food, my most favorite is gado gado coz it’s the only one that I can recall xD…

 But you should try other foods too. I’ll try to identify them all and make a separate post.
Nature tripping. I need not go to the komodo island due to schedule constraint, but still saw a komodo dragon in the zoo. Mission accomplish already :D

You can also see monkeys in the wild. This one I saw when I visited the waterfalls

And speaking of waterfalls. Isnt she lovely?

You should see these very cute waterfalls when you eat at Kampung Daun restaurant.

And you can also see rice terraces if you go off the beaten path.


Visit Religious buildings. I visited the mosque. I should have come up to that tower but it was broken when I got there :(… I’m impressed that weary travelers can rest in the mosque, which is really a very good deed of helping the brethren in need. Way to go my Muslim brothers and sisters.

I also visited the Church and went to mass after.


Shopping and coffee shops. There are lots of shops in Bandung. And malls are impressive too. Reminds me of the artistry I saw in Chiang Mai.. I am working online while traveling so I have spent considerable amounts in coffee shops and restaurants with free WIFI. I’m thankful there are several that offers fast WIFI. Digital nomads will be happy traveling in this part of Indonesia.

and I told you there are similar words in Filipino and Bahasa Indonesia, Talaga ^_^:



Be awed at the creative city. Even beggars will make sure you get value for your money ^_^

Credit of the picture above goes to Jeff Kristianto Iskandarsyah

There’s also a volcano that is similar to Mt Bromo but I wasn’t able to go. There are lots of volcanoes in the Philippines already.. so I think its okay to miss that one xD

How to get there?

Bandung is 4 hours away from Jakarta via train. Ticket costs around 50000 rupiah which is about 5 dollars. And the view is great, you should be ready with your camera.

I spent an average of 15 – 20 dollars per day. I didnt have to pay for accomodation because community of couchsurfers and my great fairy god brother Fred made my life and journey in Indonesia a great experience. I lived like a local in Bandung, I was in the company of angels on earth. Life indeed is beautiful.

6 thoughts on “What to do in Bandung, Indonesia

  1. I really know Bandung is popular for shopping and the artisan shops, so those are the reasons why I’ll probably go in the near future. They say it’s like a piece of Europe in Indonesia. :)

    But the komodo dragon’s something I’d definitely want to see when I go!

    1. the temperature and the rice terraces makes you feel like you are in Baguio ^_^.. but yeah, there are lots of shops in Bandung.. i actually went coffee shopping :D

    1. There are also lots of same words with different meanings if you compare our language to Bahasa Indonesia.. Talaga in Bahasa means Lake ^_^

  2. Great post Grasya! I’m glad to find your blog.

    Quick question: What cafes exactly did you find fast Wifi in? I just arrived in town and am online in Starbucks… it’s not fast enough for video streaming though.

    I’d appreciate some advice on where to go.

    Many thanks!

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