This Grasya is in Indonesia

This Grasya is in Indonesia

The universe has been spoiling me lately.. And I’m grateful.

I’m currently in Indonesia making new friends and discovering new places. I wish I could stay more but I will need to go back in a few days :(

Oh well.. here’s what has been happening lately. Just snippets for now, ill write more details later when I get settled back home again.


0. Learned that the language of Bahasa Indonesia and Tagalog has similar words.. like mahal, mura, kanan, payong, bangon, anak, and my favorite.. rambutan :))

1. Met with a fairy god brother named kuya Fred, sending him off and annoying him one last time before he ships off to Africa. ^_^

2. Met very interesting people.. Indonesians are great singers too! Shame on me for not practicing my videoke skills :))

3. Met a person from Tajikistan… they say that Tajikistan is one of the most unrecognize country.. including.. hmm some unrecognize countries which I couldnt recognize.. but hey! at least I’m learning bits about Tajikistan :P.. who knows I might go there someday

4. Escaped floods in Jakarta, loved cold weather in Bandung, accommodation hopping in Yogyakarta… and chasing coffee shops and free wifi to work online xD

5. Saw some talibans… just saw and that’s about it :)))

So those are tidbits.. more info on places and stuff soon. ^_^

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