Travel Blogging Calendar to benefit Mitrata Nepal and VSO Bahaginan

Travel Blogging Calendar to benefit Mitrata Nepal and VSO Bahaginan

I was a VSO Volunteer in my past life and was sent to India and Thai-Burma border. Many people think to be an international volunteer, you should be rich and/or from a first world country. I’m not rich nor from a first world country but it’s not a hindrance for me to reach out and share my skills to those who equally need it.

It’s not always me giving, I was surprised at the amount of experience I was able to get too. Words cannot express how grateful I am that my outlook in life has changed by sharing my skills.

It is not easy to live in a place where you aim to create a positive change yet your country also needs equal help. It is not easy to live in a country with a colonial mentality where foreigners from the west are much favored than their own colour.

But it can always be viewed as a challenge.

Here’s me interviewing my manager who is visually impaired on how they use computers and how he was able to respond to my emails and correct the website I’m building

Here’s me in the Thai-Burma border “trying” to cook food while trapped in a remote village due to floods

Here’s not me… but Brandon, a Canadian VSO Volunteer:

And looking back, those were the best times of my life.

That’s why I took the opportunity to campaign VSO Bahaginan as a beneficiary of the Travel Blogging Calendar. And together with Mitrata Nepal, VSO Bahaginan can get all the funds they need to fight poverty in all its forms.. and to prove that those people who are not privileged to be rich but have skills can also contribute to making this world better and fairer.


I’m back in the Philippines and creating a new chapter of my life. I’m also traveling around and discovering the hidden paradise in this country. I’m quite surprise they are many! Of course, I’m also bringing the good back. I took a break from international volunteering but its always my regular activity to volunteer and help out in local charities whenever I can.

To those who wants to know more about VSO Bahaginan, please visit this page. You can contribute and help VSO Bahaginan by buying the calendar which international travel bloggers are raising.

Better yet, it is highly recommended to give the best contribution: your time and skills as an international volunteer.

**Big thanks to Jeremy of TravelFreak and Chris of Aussie on the Road for coordinating all of this. Also big thanks to uprinting for doing all the printouts for free.

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    1. thanks… overcome ko muna ang anti-social skills ko bago ako makipag meet sa mga social media superstars like you ^_^.. but whenever you’re in my hidden paradise, just holler and you’re most welcome there over there

  1. Hello, I found your blog through my connection with Mitrata-Nepal…have been in Nepal for the past year & have done a lot for the Mitrata orphanage…we were really excited when we won the travel calendar contest! I can tell you from experience that the orphanage is wonderful. Love your blog. Thanks for sharing.

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