Where and what to eat in Antique

I’ve been in my hidden paradise located in the West of Panay Island for so long.. geesh I feel like roots are growing out of my feet lol

With delicious foods, unlimited rice, abundant coconuts, clean air, real butterflies and flowers as my screensaver while working, I’m finding it hard to let go… Oh my.

Anyway, here’s more food reasons why I’m happily contented in this hidden paradise (for now).

Ifuben. This is noodles that looks like pancit canton but with lotsa cheese in it. I found the best ifuben at Cafe Plaza in San Jose, its a cozy coffee shop in town that offers the best ifuben according to my taste buds. You can get there by telling the tricycle driver to drop you off at Cafe Plaza in the Avon building.. just hope you arrive on a perfect timing coz this cafe has lots of fans aka customers. Otherwise, you can go to Regina’s as an alternative, but I swear the Ifuben in Cafe Plaza is more delicious ^_^

Baked Oysters. This yummyness which costs 300 pesos in posh restaurants in Metro Manila is only around 100 pesos here! Baked oysters is heaven and I keep coming back for more! My favorite place to eat this is in Tay Inggo’s restaurant, still in San Jose.. again, just tell the tricycle driver to drop you off Tay Inggo. It’s a small town, I’m sure he knows where it is.

Chicken Binakol. It’s a chicken soup dish that is like the combination of tinola and nilaga according to my taste buds. What is interesting is that it has coconut meat in it. Coconuts as veggies is new to me but hey it tastes great nevertheless. I’ve tasted it at Tay Inggo too ^_^

Ibos and other delicious kakanin. Ibos is like suman but instead of sticky rice, it has corn inside the wrapper. Kakanins are just like those kakanins you see in the market. Locals might not be interested coz its not new to them but foreigners might want to check them out.

I’m still on the lookout on where to eat frogs here dear folks, unfortunately its indeed a rare delicacy that only privilege few can eat. *insert sad face here*

Well, at least I’m one of the privilege few who have tasted my Aunt’s pochero.. :P

So there you go, hope you’ll have fun food tripping in this hidden paradise. I’ll blog more once I get to eat more exotic foods soon ^_^

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