Frugal Travel Tips Series on the Road #9


When the universe showered lucky charms in the world, Gay of sure got not just a bucket but a big pail! ^_^

She’s so lucky, she’s a star and a she does not cry cry cry coz she doesnt have a lonely heart. #cornystrikesagain

I never had the chance to meet her when she was in the Philippines.. thanks to my shyness aka anti social abilities offline xD.. or was I sick/busy/traveling.. i don’t really remember my excuse(s) LOL

But nevertheless, I got to work with her when I campaigned online for VSO Bahaginan on our travel blogging charity project and her light personality online is SUPER! She went around the world yet still maintains a friendly and down to earth personality online and I’m sure she does too offline. ^_^

Check out this interview I made:

Can you tell me something about yourself? Occupation/hobbies/etc

I’m a housewife without a house. Well, I do work but I don’t need to drag my arse to an office In the past however, I used to work odd jobs just long enough to fund the next trip. I am a travel junkie, spoon collector, mouse potato and our daughter’s playmate.

How many countries have you been so far? Which is your favorite and why?

I think I’ve been to 27. I am only reminded of this figure when I update that “Where I’ve Been” widget I got on my website’s About Me page. I do not count layovers. For me, I haven’t actually “been” in a country if I have not experienced it. My fave is Mexico (Aside from the Philippines, of course.)! The ancient architecture that will make you say “Aliens exist!”, the fresh corn tortilla, the warm people, the language that I can sort of understand, and the music. Mariachi gives me goosies!

How do you fund your travels?

I do web content writing. Sometimes I work as a virtual assistant, but only as a short gig because even that dictates a certain schedule for me to be online. Since we’re constantly traveling (Plus our bub has a growing demand for attention.), I accept jobs that I could accomplish at a convenient time. Also, every so often, an advertiser pops up with an offer not only for my travel blog but also for my uhm… Parenting blog. THEN there’s the hubby.

What are your plans in the future?

What the hubby and I have in common is we’re both not into planning ahead. We live “in the now”, and ‘the future’ for us is synonymous to next week or next month. With this definition in mind, our plan is to hop to another country cause our visas expire by then. Now if we talk about the distant future, well, we’re hoping we could save enough money to buy a beach property in the Philippines and will turn it into a hippie commune.

How can you make the world a better place?

Simply by not being an arsehole. It’s like what that Michael Jackson song says, “If you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and then make that change.”. Also, I gotta raise my daughter right.

Lastly, any frugal travel tips you want to share?

Watch out for a seat sale. Explore the city on foot or on a bike. Ask locals for sites that can be accessed for free. If you’re a student, bring an ID since you’ll probably get discounts. Research about scams. Hitch rides. Couchsurf. Haggle.

4 thoughts on “Frugal Travel Tips Series on the Road #9

  1. Wahhh! I’m not a star, I’m a… starlet in a way. LOL. And Luna’s my moon. Okay, enough of the drunk talk. Thanks for the feature! I got a longer list of frugal tips which includes *starving yourself to death* but of course, I won’t recommend that to everybody. Haha!

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