Freebies in the Philippines on your birthday

I love receiving AND giving free stuff.. I guess the giving part sets the difference from full time freeloaders :))

But you see, I want to disempower money.. make it like any other paper or any other metal.. Scrap the value, and money is just paper and metal right? i also find it hard to brainwash myself with this one xD

So I have dedicated for freebies. It’s not always updated but you can always help me out here if you want to feature an establishment that gives out freebies, hopefully not only on birthdays ;)

So if you are in the Philippines on your birthday and you want to celebrate it without spending too much, try to do the following:

1. Attend a fiesta on your birthday and the whole village will celebrate with you.. go to that far flung barrio wherever that is that celebrates fiesta on your birthday.. if you have friends in that area, that’s super bonus coz he/she will take you to the most generous household (s)..

2. I was in Boracay looking for restaurants that gives out free cakes on my birthday.. unfortunately I havent found one (boo).. but the bands playing at night are super nice, they’ll greet and sing happy birthday and grant your song request.. I think every band does this right? So go find a band playing at night if you feel like sound tripping on your birthday

3. But if you are in the city, try to dine at restaurants that gives free cakes. Although many gave me names of places, I cant confirm this yet because I’m currently in the boondocks.. blogger Ia Adam-Lim was lucky enough to get a free cake. Check out her blog so you know where to go if its your birthday and you are in the metro. Invite friends but tell them to pay for you since its your birthday :D
UPDATE: Chel says Vikings, Dads, Saisaki & Kamayan, offers one free buffet per visit but you can come in 2x a day (lunch & dinner) it will start 3 days prior your bday and ends 3 days after. Check them out.

4. And if you can afford it, leave the barrio fiesta to the less fortunate, and plan an out of town getaway like what Jennifer Legaspi-Aspacio did. If you get lucky, you’ll get more than what you deserve. Read her blog on how she got some freebies on their birthday trip. You can also read Ma Joy Calipes-Felizardo’s blog on how she got her birthday freebie

5. If you are currently in the boondocks of Antique, Tibiao Fish Spa gives away free spa to lucky birthday celebrants. Tibiao fish spa is located in Tibiao, Antique which is an estimate of 2 hours away from Boracay.

So there you go, this is my gift to all the birthday celebrants in the Philippines.. ^_^ not comprehensive but hope this will give you reason to party coz its your birthday ^_^

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