Nogas Island in Antique

I’m fascinated by mini islands in the Philippines… Coz not many countries have several islands like ours.. that’s how nature maintains balance I guess..

Other countries have snow, we have mini islands with white sands. Fair enough.. Now if we can just let the ordinary farmers or fishermen travel too like the German Au Pair I’ve met before, then the future is really bright.. so let’s snap while the Philippines is not yet under water! xD

Anyway… to add to my recent discovery is – The Nogas Island in Antique.

Nogas Island is a few minutes away from Siraan Hotsprings in Anini-y. I can compare the island to Balicasag in Bohol but its more pristine with no local residence and there’s only few tourists hanging around… Perfect for a quiet getaway and beach camping. Here’s some video clips I want to share with you on my recent trip:

How to get there? From Siraan Hotsprings in Anini-y, you have to pay 500 for a boat ride good for 10 people.. Cheaper than in Balicasag that’s for sure.

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