Fiesta and Street Dance Parade in Panglao, Bohol

Once a year, communities in the Philippines celebrates Fiesta. This is also a great opportunity to visit houses of strangers and eat for free :D..

I was staying in a rural community in Panglao, Bohol for more than a month, and luckily had the chance to experience fiesta. Here’s me visiting my neighbor’s house for fiesta:

That is Dhora saying dont film her yet coz she needs to put make up first xD

Best part is almost all of my neighbors fed me for fiesta! I’m like house hopping for every meal! ^_^ The community where i’m staying in is not rich in terms of money, but they grew animals like chickens, goats, etc for consumption and since its a fishing community, the sea provides them generously. So you know, its not always about the money :P

The worrying part however, is that communities go on diet again afterwards.. Its like they save the whole year just for occasions like fiesta and christmas.

And here’s the most awesome part, the streetdance! I had goosebumps when I was taking the video:

I love the community where I stayed at.. I love Panglao Island..

And how I wish that everyday is a fiesta day! ^_^

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