If Bohol is a Famous Paradise, Antique is a Hidden Gem

Since I came back to the Philippines, I’ve been spending more time in these 2 provinces. I dont just travel but I stay longer to know a place and its culture before saying that I’ve truly been there.

I just cant help but wonder why both are located in Visayas yet one has more tourists than the other. I haven’t explored the whole of Antique yet but my research online got me really giddy to discover more of this hidden gem.

Both have beautiful mini islands that have white sands. Bohol has Virgin Island, Pamilacan Island, Balicasag and Panglao… Virgin Island is one of my favorite:


Antique, on the other hand, has Sibato Island in Caluya.. and I’m sure there are other prettier smaller islands in the area, I just have to explore and see them for myself.

**photo credit to Emie Princess Malutao

Both islands showcase waters like a flowing river. Here’s me in a river somewhere in Bohol with handsome Greek, German and Pinoy Beckies :))

**photo credit goes to Jude Dionela Sanchez

While Pandan, Antique has got the country’s cleanest river which is called Bugang River. I’m coordinating some activities with couchsurfers to visit this and other places. Want to join? ^_^



And you think Antique or Siquijor only have this so called witchcraft activities? You havent explored La Manok Island in Bohol yet :D



In both places, you can eat exotic foods. This is expensive in other parts of the world but just befriend fishermen in Panglao, and you can have your sea urchin overload ;)

If you are in Antique, try to eat frogs.. my niece looked at me like weird and asked- “you havent tried frogs before?” I look at her and flashed that weird look back.. and asked- “you eat frogs like chicken here?”

Both places have exotic animals. If Bohol has the smallest monkey called tarsier, Antique has this monitor lizard:

Photo credit to C.M. Gaulke
well… its not supposed to bring you amusement :))) but I just want you to know it’s an endangered specie.. and it’s vegetarian.. if that will make you less scared ;)

Ok, if you want amusement, I have found white carabaos in the mountains of Antique as equally cute too! :))

Antique is home to many endangered species like the spotted deer, writhed-billed hornbill. I haven’t seen these species yet but will make the effort to see them before they become extinct! More details here.

And lastly, if Bohol is widely known for the Chocolate Hills..

Antique’s mountains is home to the world’s largest flower called Rafflesia.

**photo credit to Bianca Ramos

and of course, I cant wait to go back to the hotspring beside the sea in Anini-y:

In the end, I think both cannot be compared because both province showcase different beauties. Bohol is a famous paradise and Antique is a hidden gem. Now you as a traveler, it is really up to you to take your pick ^_^

As for me, I’ll be staying in Antique for a bit longer to explore more of the hidden gems the province has to offer. Feel free to message me if you want to go to this province.

Thank you to all the photos shared by Antikenyo Takun and It’s More fun in Antique Page ^_^

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